Obama won this battle, but will Romney win the war? (with Video)

Romney and Obama during final debate

According to majority of polls just after the Presidential debate Barack Obama won this battle and showed that he has a bit bigger knowledge and better facts than his challenger. But on the other side Romney come out with well known facts about economy and deficit through which he was able to score few valuable points ahead of last 15 campaign days. None of the score enough points to steer this race to one or other direction nor to able to claim victory before late night on November 6th.

So Obama clearly showed advantage in this debate based on his foreign policy experience and being commander-in-chief over the last four years. Also in tonights debate Romney’s limited international experience, despite being Governor and as he often repeats businessmen of 25 years, worked against him almost more than Obama. Slowly but securely Obama forced his opponent to agree with majority of his stands and actions, and if I may say one of the biggest was use of drones against terrorists all over the world.

Romney stumble several times on very important issues as Russia and China. While he was claiming that his first intention would be to create better trade agreements and to improve relations with China he said something very significant. On his first morning in the office he would enlist China as “currency manipulator”. After that I’m pretty sure not only China but many other countries would just walk away from Romney administration and trade situation would go far away from good. His other problematic area was Russia where he clearly again showed ignorance, thinking “I’m above you”, and wish to show them more backbone. Again Romney doesn’t understand that if you want to make any positive move in the Middle East or Northern Africa without Russian help. He was also talking several times about proliferation agreements and what he thinks what happens today, but he forgot to say that President Obama and his Russian counterpart signed new START agreement which is downgrading nuclear weapons.

President lost his sharpness in tonights debate (Photo: Flickr)
Obama needs stronger and faster action on many issues (Photo: Flickr)

On issues of Libya, Syria and Iran none of them has a clear point and idea how to deal with these problems. Libya as we all saw recently is still in turmoil and doesn’t have real direction, yet, in which wants to go. Yeah Obama could get a credit for getting rid of Gaddafi and his regime, but current regime is not yet strong enough to fight extremism and to keep their citizens live and sound. On Syria Obama’s current road is good, the other problem is that if he wants to have positive impact on the future, action must be faster and more decisive. Iran couldn’t and shouldn’t be discussed on the matter of hypotheticals or just presumptions, so both Obama and Romney should embrace negotiations and diplomatic actions against them. I just hope that both of them would stay away from what Biden and Ryan did when they tried to explain what Iranian Ayatollahs are thinking at the moment.

Obama on the other side score points on withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan, also on necessity to cut Pentagon budget and make US military smaller so funds can be transferred to domestic needs. Once more he come out strong from discussions about Al-Qaeda thanks to his success in tracking down and eliminating UBL and his key lieutenants not only in Af-Pak region but also on Arabian Peninsula.

During the last campaign in which Obama strongly won against McCain up to this time in I was able to predict whom will win and in which direction Americans would go. This time I’m not ready even to try to think about a winner. Race between Obama and Romney is too tight to be call, so let’s do some more analysis and polling before we proclaim the winner and a person who’ll say: “So help me God!” in January of 2013.

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