Haakstad sealed Clark’s political career and BC Liberals future

Premier Clark once more in trouble because of her words (Photo: Flickr)

Kim Haakstad, Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff, effectively sealed destiny of her boss Christy Clark and whole BC Liberals political movement with simple document intended to help them win next elections. Over the last two days we learned enough about this whole issue than in the last year since document is created. This was just another line on the list of numerous scandals created by Christy Clark and her closest team. Living in British Columbia since 2007, and following what was happening I don’t think that we saw so many scandals in two years like since Clark took power. Some would say that Gordon Campbell was honourable politician who knew when to bow out and get out from BC political world when he faced himself with public outrage regarding HST introduction. But seems that Christy Clark didn’t learn anything from him and will remain in leadership of BC Liberals despite rising number of MLA’s and party members calling for her resignation.

Although this is not the first time that Clark’s team is causing major problems either to her or to party. Let’s just remember her former Director of Communications Sara MacIntyre who almost started a war with BC journalists on her first day in Premier’s Office. Another great example was Ken Boessenkool, her Chief of Staff, and boss to now former Deputy Chief Haakstad, who was forced to resign after affair in an personal indiscretion. And let’s not forget another member of her media/public relations team who was suddenly removed from his position. Chris Olsen, once CTV journalist, suddenly lost his position in Clark’s Vancouver office and went to work in private sector.

What Kim Haakstad created with this document is nothing more than pure death sentence document for many great BC Liberal MLA’s and party officials. First she engaged numerous public officials in planning purely partisan activities and intended to use public office or officials for pure political gain. Second she exposed many ethnic communities to new sufferings just to gain few points or one or two MLA seats for BC Liberals in May of this year. Not good at all. I remember BC Liberals leadership campaign times and just after that when I said that Christy Clark would either be “a hero or fallen soldier” at the end of her career. It seems she chose “right” people to help her to achieve later. Now we can clearly say that Adrian Dix and his NDP are the winners of next elections without any doubt. They don’t even need to run a campaign they just need to stay aside and let Clark and her team to destroy any chances for good result for BC Liberals. While they’ll wait and enjoy, BC Liberals will need to decide their future and next steps.

Kevin FalconIt’s clear that many of Clark’s leadership opponents including Kevin Falcon and Dr. Moira Stilwell are not satisfied with current situation.

“It’s an obvious reaction to what many of us are very disturbed about, the culture that allows the kind of politicization of the civil service. And I think to a person, we want to see it investigated and for there to be accountability”, said Mr. Falcon in an interview on Friday as it’s reported by The Globe and Mail.

On the other side Dr. Stilwell (Minister for Social Development) said:

“It’s not fast enough or far enough and we all know what needs to be done,” she said before Kim Haakstad’s resignation on Friday afternoon. “There is a clear sign of wrongdoing that requires action,” she said.

As it was reported by many media including Winnipeg Free Press Surrey, BC lost over period of one month three riding presidents and one vice-president James Plett who decided that this situation is too much for him and decided to depart with BC Liberals for now.

james resignation

Many good candidates will be left alone as targets for the opposition, their supporters and media, just because few staffers decided to go rouge and destroy everything. This list includes some very good candidates as Stephanie Cadieux, Peter Fassbender or Surrey Councillor Marvin Hunt, who will now have a bit harder way to Victoria, but they’re not without chances.

But let’s wait and see what will happen on Monday or few days after that when Premier faces her caucus in Victoria and when they get a chance to speak with her face to face. I’m pretty sure that my colleagues journalists over in Victoria will have a lot of material to fill their reports. One thing is sure BC Liberals are at the edge, and many career will be done before next long weekend in British Columbia.

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