Falcon speaks, who’s next to speak?

Kevin FalconAlmost everyone who knows anything about BC politics knew that BC Liberals are on the road to numerous changes following upcoming elections and probable fall from power after dozen years. BC Liberals and Premier Clark are faced with numerous scandals, they’re coming up in public sight as on track seeming unstoppable and endangering party and election chances more and more. As party and it’s leader are fighting to show to public that they’re capable of leading province for another four years dissidents and those who where once in party leadership are speaking their minds. Last week that was Surrey-Tynehead riding vice-president James Plett, now that’s former Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Kevin Falcon.

Once in the past Falcon was frontrunner in BC Liberals leadership campaign and presumptive heir to former Premier Gordon Campbell, but he lost in tight battle with now Premier Christy Clark. He also supported her for the majority of her two year tenure, but then decided not to run in May elections, opting to spend more time with his young family and to go back to private sector. Now when we known what was happening in BC government and amount of scandals mounting around it I’m not surprised that he and former Education Minister George Abbott decided not to run again.

In his latest media appearance Falcon said that Premier Clark overstepped bounds of what provincial treasury was able and willing to pay for wood palace in Prince George. Of course he’s speaking about affair which includes his former Cabinet colleagues Pat Bell and Shirley Bond regarding never implemented Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) project. Judging by Falcon words said in an interview on Sunday, reported by the Globe and Mail Justine Hunter, promises given to people involved in WIDC were just empty words, because both Premier and Jobs Minister knew funds are not available and that Falcon would not endanger provincial finances for it.

Christy ClarkOnce again Falcon is the first of BC MLA’s to speak and to point out where things went wrong for BC Liberals, he does that in very smart way and in particular moments when the impact will be the best. He’s starting the new avalanche which will unfold between now and May 14th when BC’ers will cast their votes on provincial elections. I’m pretty sure that Falcon’s words will play significant element in everybody’s mind when they sit down to consider who’s gonna be their choice to lead BC over the next four or so years.

Now I’m wondering who’s the next person to speak and point us to the right direction related to one of the ongoing scandals, or to open some new Pandora’s box? Can that be Abbot, Yap or somebody else who was entrusted with details of government businesses over the last two years? Maybe it will be somebody else who’s not in the media or public spotlight at the moment, but for sure it’s just matter of days when it will happen. Falcon’s revelations now and whatever will happen in the future will just work in opposite way from the direction in which Clark and her team are inclined to go, and that’s victory in May. That means BC Liberals will see new leadership race and convention by the end of this calendar year, and I’m inclined to predict that Falcon, Abbot, or even some retired politicians from the ranks of BC Liberals or former federal politicians will run for it. When that happens Premier Clark will need to look behind herself and think twice about the people to whom she believed most (Haakstad&Co.) and what she promised to people of British Columbia.


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