Clark is coming to our TV screens to say…, Dix refuses debate, Day supports Liberals

Premier ClarkBritish Columbia’s election campaign officially starts next Sunday, and Premier Christy Clark will as the BC Liberals leader visit our homes through half and hour “special event”. Premier will address voters, supporters and those who oppose in effort to raise support and attract few more votes at the start of her toughest battle since she entered BC some dozen years ago. This time is not only her skin in question but whole BC Liberals party and a future of British Columbia. She’s gonna be joined by “average citizens”, business people and of course party establishment who’ll address some of her points or elaborate on them. But what we should expect from Clark on April 14th?

NOTHING. An big enormous nothing. Reason is quite simple. Clark and her government already delivered all possible promises and ideas on policies long time ago, and they’re continuing to do that every single day prior to the start of election campaign. CTV BC reported that BC Liberals held more than a hundred events on which ministers and Premier promised hundreds of millions of dollars to our citizens. According to same report, by Ed Watson, Clark’s government promised around $700m only in last 8 days. With current deficit, bad economy, and just recently reported job loses Clark and her team are acting like drunken sailors promising almost $90m/day to our citizens. Let’s just remember that this government promised to run balanced budget and keep a track of our deficit, but if they continue giving money away this fast by the end of election campaign promises will mount several billions of dollars.

Unfortunately that’s not what BC citizens want or what they need. They need decisive action on all mounted problems, and new are popping up every single day.

Adrian DixOther very interesting element is GlobalBC TV proposed leaders debate. Apparently their proposal was to have just two leaders, Clark and Dix, facing each other in Town Hall format debate on May 6th, just days prior to the election day. Christy Clark accepted this idea as something good and probably profitable for her party in effort to get more votes on May 14th. Unfortunately for her all other leaders including Dix refuse idea, stating that all of them should be included and discuss BC problems, future and their ideas who to make it better. This is the right track because if they’re all running for the same position they should have same time, space and ability to reach potential voters. Clark and Dix are poised to remain/become Premier of BC next month but we shouldn’t close the doors to others, if nothing that would bring better discussion and better exchange of ideas.

DayLatest news for Christy Clark and BC Liberals is that former Tory minister and MP, Stockwell Day, will support BC Liberals during upcoming campaign. As its reported by The Globe and Mail Day said New Democrats policies will be bad for the economy, also pointing that while he was Alberta’s finance minister capital and human resources fled BC during NDP reign in 1990’s. In same interview Day said he doesn’t want to see same to happen again, describing these elections as the most important in last 50 years.

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