New message to Bosnian ‘leaders” – Füle and Jagland on Sejdić-Finci judgment

Dervo-Sejdic-Jakob-FinciBosnia and Herzegovina politicians practically decided to stop country’s further advance towards European Union when missed to address very important Human Rights issue. Sejdić-Finci case which was determined by the European Court for Human Rights requires Bosnia and Herzegovina to amend current constitution and election laws to allow Jewish, Roma and other minorities to be nominated and elected to the highest offices in the country. European Union and Council of Europe (CoE) set the date up to which Bosnia and Herzegovina must to finish this important task, that’s April 11th and now it’s certain that will not be accomplished. Bosnia and Herzegovina federal government is formed of six or seven (nobody knows exactly how many) parties, raging from far right through centre to far left and for years now is unable to accomplish any futile work on much needed reforms. Last week during one exchange of opinions with CoE Office Head in Sarajevo Mary Ann Hennessey I said that this deadline [April 11th] represents impossible mission for Bosnian politicians who wouldn’t even reach agreement on meeting venue by that date.

stefan fuleYesterday EU Enlargement Commissioner, Štefan Füle, and CoE Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland issue joint statement regretting lack of progress in implementing the Sejdić-Finci judgment. In their statement they remind a public on previous letter issued by Füle and Eu foreign affair Commissioner Ashton which expressed their expectations that a political agreement on the implementation could be reached by the end of May 2013. That was very optimistic shot and very unreliable expectation from the political gang which is unable to fix any even smallest issue in the country for years.

“In the last two months Head of EU Delegation / EUSR Sørensen and his team have held numerous meetings with the relevant authorities, political parties, civil society representatives and other interested stakeholders. In addition the leaders of the main political parties met in Brussels on 22 March, at the invitation of Director General for Enlargement Mr Stefano Sannino and in the presence of representatives of the Council of Europe and the European External Action Service. With the EU’s help, several possibilities to implement the Sejdić-Finci judgment, taking into account the political parties’ proposals and concerns, have been thoroughly explored”, they said in Monday’s statement. 

Lagumdzija-DodikAs it often happens in Bosnia and Herzegovina this process is victim of something what’s called “vital national interests”. In B&H case that means that politicians will hide themselves behind some irrational “national interests” just to object some move or action. Mainly this means that proposed actions goes against the small group of influential individuals not whole ethnic group represented by political party or the coalition. Based on my personal experiences with Bosnian politicians and political environment “vital national interests” are the best option on the road to hold whole nation away from EU integration, reforms and basic life improvements. Also plays great role in keeping nationalism and even sometimes radicalism alive, protecting post-war ethnic separations or should I say segregations.

“Commissioner Füle recalls that the Council conclusions state that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a matter of priority, needs to bring its Constitution into compliance with the European Convention of Human Rights in line with the Sejdić-Finci ruling. A credible effort in this regard remains necessary for the entry into force of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. Completing the implementation of the Sejdić-Finci ruling and having a satisfactory track record in implementing its obligations under the Stabilisation Association Agreement/Interim Agreement would be key elements for a credible membership application to be considered by the EU. Until these conditions are fulfilled it will not be possible to consider further steps for Bosnia and Herzegovina on its EU path”, says statement.

To explain this means that after Monday’s decision in case of Serbia and Kosovo negotiations regarding their status and future relations, B&H will become only country to be stopped on it’s way towards EU membership. Knowing how fast Bosnian political parties and coalitions are this case probably will be solved sometimes next year, and another year will be wasted. Financial, economical, social and overall political situation will become even more desperate, destructible and irrational with approximately 4 million victims in this case average citizens. Too bad that once again politicians will sacrifice their voters for selfish immoral and  totally useless reasons. How many years will pass until they figure out that citizens must to be put above everything and that they’re there to work for them?


  1. Uzroci su upravo ono oni koje sam i naveo, uski interesi male grupe ljudi okupljenih oko političkih lidera. Ne interesi cijelih etničkih zajednica ili pak bh. naroda u cjelini, barem je to moje mišljenje. Naravno mogu biti u krivu.

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