BC Liberals warned public about jobs, economy, families and NDP 1990’s record

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.12.47 PM (2)BC Premier and BC Liberals leader Christy Clark opened election campaign with pre-recorded infomercial which was inclined to attract more support for her troubled party and herself. We’re just month away from the “D-Day” for British Columbians and their families, the day when their future for at least four years will be decided. What we saw in that infomercial was not nothing majorly new unless you don’t pay close attention on BC politics.

From PR point Clark and her team did an excellent job, because video was nicely created and produced, question is would that play any importance in moment when voters made final decisions. This “direct talk” between Clark and potential voters was directed to help BC Liberals in their intention to remain in power for another four years. Some of those ideas are old as long as Clark is leader and the premier, some are half new and based on the last budget presented last month. More new ideas we could see tomorrow at unveiling of party election platform.

Majority of this address was directed towards major opponent NDP and it’s leader Adrian Dix, going far back to 1990’s and job/economy mistakes done by the previous government. Clark presented herself as the person from the people and for the people. Majority of the infomercial she spent sitting in dinner-like atmosphere talking to carefully assembled group of supporters, who later individually addressed some of important issues.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.19.37 PM (2)“To me, the nature of leadership is sticking to your guns and it’s holding true to the values you were raised with and your principles, and that’s what I’ve tried to do for the last two years. If I am granted the privilege of another four years as premier, the No. 1 priority is going to be making sure that our economy is working for the people of British Columbia”, said Clark in opening segment. 

Based on her words beside economy, jobs, families and reduction of provincial debt are and would remain as key issues for British Columbians. Great support to Clark’s statement came from Lululemon CEO Christine Day and former Conservative MP and Minister Stockwell Day. As I already wrote in my previous article Day said he wants to prevent 1990’s situation when large number of jobs and population moved from BC to Alberta.

We also saw long list of candidates running for BC Liberals this year, all of them bringing in personal touch and reason why are they running this time. One of them was Brad Bennett who’s coming from one of the BC political dynasties following his grandfather and father who served as BC Premiers in the past.

Clark at the end pointed out that nothing is done yet despite grave predictions based on current polls, hoping for victory next month. Another shot to change the wheel of destiny in her favour would be televised debate later this month, when she’ll face three of her opponents. Well we’ll need to wait and see how it will go…

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