Radical Islamist Choudary and his support to terrorists

Anjem Choudary
Anjem Choudary

According to media reports in Britain radical Islamist Anjem Choudary once again spoke out in support to London terrorists, this time supporting Drummer Lee Rigby killers. This well known radical is one of the most outrages persons I ever heard off since Bin Laden’s hoards of terrorists attacked New York in 2001. Following murder of innocent British soldier, father, son and brother Lee Rigby, shameless Choudary once again, this time on BBC Newsnight program, delivered unbelievable statement in which he claimed that majority of Muslim population would support what Mr. Rigby killer said on the video just moments after he committed this horrible crime. He claimed that he was shocked but refuses to abhor Woolwich attack. Choudary claimed that this attack came as a results of UK foreign politics and killing of Muslims abroad. While in discussion with other guests and host he clearly said that as someone who’s born and raised in Britain he has full rights to ask that society will be established in line with his views. On  a particular question why he doesn’t leave UK if he doesn’t like what society can offer him, Choudary said that if someone doesn’t like his stands or ideas should leave Britian not him. Speaking at the same program Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director at the Islamic Society of Britain, said there was ‘absolute condemnation’ from every Muslim organisation, many other aired same expressions. Siddiqi said: “I want to give my condolences to Lee Rigby’s family. There is no justification for what we saw yesterday.” As a Muslim and someone who survived last Balkans war I can say to Choudary and his followers that Muslims would not, never ever, support heinous attacks on innocent people, especially not on people like Drummer Rigby. Majority of European Muslims would defend people of their country doesn’t matter who they’re or to which religion they belong because they follow the words of Qur’an(5:32): “…it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind…”.

But for the better understanding of this radical shameless person, who always comes in defence of terrorists who’re encouraged by him, Abu Qattada and people like Bin Laden to kill innocent people, please read my post from July of 2010, when Choudary spoke with CNN GPS host Fareed Zakaria. Read more here.

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