A human life unified Bosnia in fight for basic human rights #JMBG

Demonstrations at the Parliament Square (Photo: Facebook)

Demonstrations at the Parliament Square (Photo: Facebook)

Over the last two decades members of Bosnia’s three ethnic groups were divided over all possible issues, sometimes against their will, sometimes just because they’re minds were infected by nationalism, fascism and hate caused by political or religious influences. Since Dayton Peace Agreement, sponsored by the former US President Bill Clinton, was signed in 1995 Bosnia’s government is dysfunctional, too big and trolled by vicious political armies fighting for “vital national interests”. These “vital interests” are nothing more than interests of small groups of people gathered in circles around the leaders of a main political parties. But one baby, newborn citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belmina Ibrišević who’s just three months old and seriously ill changed something in hearts and minds of her fellow compatriots who came in dozens of thousands in front of Bosnia’s Parliament and across the country to fight for her and those like her. For anyone living in modern organized country anywhere in the world reason why Bosnians and Herzegovinias are demonstrating is rather ridiculous. 

Dysfunctional executive and legislative bodies who are representing federal government failed to adopt new ID law and left thousands of babies born since Febrary without that essential 13-digit number which gives them “identity”. As I said in my video column just few days ago divided ethnic groups never cease their war plans and ideas to divide a country or make it weak, Serb representatives in the federal government prove that recently when they stopped adoption of ID law. Why they did that? They want to include in it special code which would say that newly born belongs to one of two Bosnia’s entities not to the country as whole and as a citizen. Bosniak and Croat representatives refused to agree with idea causing major delay in which only victims are thousands of babies born since February.

Two faces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Babies vs. PM)

Two faces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Babies vs. PM)

When recently story about baby Belmina surfaced in Bosnian media informing a public that her parents are not able to obtain ID number which is required for passport application which would open a road to her to leave Bosnia for treatment abroad moms with babies in strollers come to the Parliament square to show their dissent with government policies. Socially engaged young Bosnians and Herzegovinians, without any relation to their ethnic, religious or political views, came to support them forming several thousands strong human chain around the government seat and Parliament building. They issued several term to the government which need to be fulfilled to satisfy them and send them home happy and healthy. One of the main was that ID law must to be adopted ASAP and without any new political games, but MP’s and ministers refused that. Last Thursday night more several thousands kept Parliament under a siege for more than 14 hours keeping inside the building more than 1500 people including several hundreds of international bankers and investors hoping to get new better image about Bosnia and to invest in it. On early Friday morning that siege was ended upon negotiations between protesters and High Representative of the EU, Valentin Inzko, who promised new session of Dayton Peace Agreement Implementation body in effort to solve this problem. Unfortunately Inzko’s promise was only half true because following that meeting nothing changed. Temporary solution in this matter helped decent number of babies to obtain much needed ID, and in particular to baby Belmina to leave Bosnia and start her treatments in Germany.

Over the last ten days or so many Bosnia politicians came with outrageous statements going from accusations that demonstrators where paid or politically organized to present them as evils or fascists. But the most outrageous came from Bosnia’s Prime Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda, who in an interview accused mothers, babies and their friends as his assassins-to-be.

One of potential PM assassins with weapons ready

One of potential PM assassins with weapons ready

“It is definitely clear that these are not spontaneous gatherings. [I] Understand the dissatisfaction of citizens with the situation in BiH, but that dissatisfaction should be addressed to the right address. I understand that they tried to kill me, but, well, did not succeed”, said PM Bevanda in interview to the Glas Srpske newspaper. 

later in the same interview PM said: 

“It’s too risky and lead a man to work and happen to him what happened sixth June, when the “peaceful” citizens “kicked” employees who are after hours trying to go home. “

So PM Bevanda is accusing thousands of people for plotting his assassination on last Thursday night, when he escaped Parliament building, forcing his way out. Two of his bodyguards brutally attacked two demonstrators sending them to the Emergency Room, while PM was not event touch by any of the demonstrating citizens of Bosnia’s capital of Sarajevo. You must to be extremely courageous or endlessly stupid to say these words and then to expect somebody to trust you with highest political office in the country. PM accused babies to plot his assassination, I didn’t know that Lego’s, teddy bears and other toys are lethal weapons in fight against political figures who can not adopt very important law! Now PM will sit in Mostar, southern city which is his and mine hometown, will collect his pay which is about seven to eight times higher than average Bosnia pay without performing his duties in full capacity. Outrageous, disgusting and ridiculous.

"Only solution is baby-volution"

“Only solution is baby-lution”

But one very important thing is changed. Bosnia and Herzegovina is for the first time united and ready to fight with divided and politically incapable government in effort to bring new life, new rights and better future for those who are today without official identity. Every single day at exactly five minute to 12 large groups of people are gathering at the Parliament square bringing coffee, toys and nice words to each other pressuring government to work. They’re new leaders of Bosnia’s future. They’re defiant to fight for those in need. They’re smiling warriors against government who does not care about anybody, especially for those who are not guilty of anything newborn citizens of the country in which they govern.

I’m proud to see my fellow compatriots fighting for better future, finally changing two decades of unbearable status quo or as I liked to say “war after the war, but this time a political war”. I hope they will continue this fight against people like PM Bevanda and his colleagues to the end where Bosnia would again become a country of a free, satisfied, employed and happy people carrying more about where to take their babies for a stroll or vacation rather than which law is or is not adopted. And at the end my message to the Bosnia’s politicians is be careful babies are coming after you with powerful teddy bears, Lego’s and all other available toys especially dangerous pacifiers in all colours and shapes.


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