Bosnia’s Bebylution continues strong and creates offsprings

Parliament building with #jmbg hashtag (Photo: Facebook)
Parliament building with #jmbg hashtag (Photo: Facebook)

Bosnia’s civic uprising against useless, incapable and dysfunctional government continues strong after almost three weeks and now even creates offsprings in other local communities on different issues. Sarajevo protests which started recently as I wrote that in previous article and explained in one of video columns were caused by federal government inability to adopt new ID number law which prevented thousands of babies born since February to obtain essential identification documents. In time since I wrote last piece on this issue two significant events happened: 

Vigil for baby Berina
Vigil for baby Berina

1. Baby Berina Hamidovic, 3 months old at moment of death, was unable to obtain ID documents and her treatment abroad was subsequently delayed. When all options were exhausted her parents took her to Bosnia-Serbia border and by good will of Serbian border authorities was allowed to enter a country and continue treatment at leading medical institution in Belgrade. In Belgrade Military Medical Academy Berina was treated under her mother’s name and ID number as the only solution found by Serbian doctors and the hospital administration. She might be today with us if Bosnian authorities did their job and gave her essential ID 13 digit number followed by passport and other documentation.

2. This event brought extended international attention to Bosnia’s political problems and

Actor Nikola Kojo showing his support to #jmbg protesters (Photo: Facebook)
Serbian actor Nikola Kojo showing his support to #jmbg protesters (Photo: Facebook)

ridiculous situation which could cause many more newborn citizens their lives or as one group on Facebook calls for future parents to hold on with new pregnancies until new ID law is adopted by Bosnia’s Parliament. International attention also attracted several well known actors, musicians, politicians and even world wide known US graphic designer Milton Glaser, known for his I Love NY logo to express their support and encourage protesters in their fight for basic human rights. Also Al Jazeera English The Stream show on Monday had an excellent show presenting to the world wide public whole issues around ID law problems and why Bosnian people are protesting at the Parliament square.

Now following these two events thousands of Sarajevo and Bosnia citizens came to the Parliament square to show their sadness and outrage with government unwillingness to work and cooperate with Bosnia’s people on resolving this issues. While they held an vigil and big concert on Tuesday evening none of the countries leading politicians came out to talk to them or to offer any idea on possible resolution of this essential problem. They were as usual engaged in politicization of everything, imagination of conspiracy theories and shifting responsibility from one political block to other. Heads of the government and Parliament are not even in Sarajevo in their offices these days. They’re either in Banja Luka or Mostar from where they’re sending messages that Sarajevo at the moment is not secure for them probably because babies with pacifiers and their mothers with strollers are the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. I’m surprised that PM Bevanda as he did that recently didn’t accuse them of another attempt on his life, while his thugs oops bodyguards were beating protesters at the Parliament square.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is for the first time in last two decades unified in fight against divides, nationalism, radicalism, political unwillingness to cooperate and endless coalition fights for private interests above people interests. Today Bosnians and Herzegovinians are coming together to tell them it is enough we want fully functional, working and results delivering government. They don’t want to change a government, as we saw that in Turkey or during Arab Spring revolutions last year, they just want this current team to start working and delivering results in legislative, human rights and political areas of their responsibility. Other element is that these protests are absolutely peaceful without even smallest incident, looting or rioting in comparison with Istanbul or Cairo protests in not so far past.

Protests in Mostar (Photo: Facebook)
Protests in Mostar (Photo: Facebook)

In opening sentences I said Babylution is creating offsprings on different issues waking up people to start fight for their rights. Mostar, my hometown, is one of the most interesting examples. Last year in October municipal politicians failed to implement Bosnia’s Constitutional Court ruling on Mostar’s municipal Statute so elections were not held at the scheduled date with others municipalities in country. For almost a year citizens of Mostar were silent, almost uninterested to express their outrage, for not having properly elected Mayor, City Council and not having proper budget for this fiscal year. Tuesday early afternoon several hundred people supported by some organizers of Sarajevo protests came in front of the City Hall to protests and ask politicians to find a solution for current status quo. That’s something which I didn’t expect to see but I’m extremely happy to see it because now I have a hope that Mostar’s situation will be resolved if people continue pressuring municipal politicians over extended period of time.

My hope is that majority of Bosnia’s population will draw strong conclusions from this situation and think twice before casting ballots next year in October on general elections. If they do that they will have a historical chance to change a flow of history and push it in opposite direction. Opposite direction would be fully functional government and Parliament, revival of countries very weak economy, efficient reforms processes needed for Bosnia’s accession to European Union and NATO and fight against corruption. Also opposite direction would lead to more care about basic and all human rights without any observation of religious, ethnic or any other elements.

Long live Bebylution!!!

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