#Immigration: Suzuki thinks Canada is full?!

5092577183_f9dc4825f4_oEnvironmentalist David Suzuki who’s well known about his often out of touch comments when it comes to everything related to environmental issues decided recently to express some opinion on Canadian immigration. A grandson of Japanese immigrants who owns everything in his long career and life dared to go after those who are continuing to do what first settlers started hundreds of years ago, process of creation and construction of what we call today “our home and native land” as the national anthem goes. Suzuki expressed his views on that process in a French magazine L’Express on, what a coincidence, July 1 the Canada Day when all Canadians and their friends all over the country and the world [especially in UK] celebrate countries 146th birthday. When you have somebody who’s celebrated in this country as “the great Canadian” and who’s awarded country’s highest honor Order of Canada and British Columbia’s highest honor Order of British Columbia you expect from that person at least not to offend millions of people in this country.

In mentioned interview David Suzuki answering question about AUSTRALIA environmentalists concerns regarding growing population would be unsustainable said about Canada not Australia:

 “Oh, I think Canada is full too! Although it’s the second largest country in the world, our useful area has been reduced. Our immigration policy is disgusting: We plunder southern countries by depriving them of future leaders, and we want to increase our population to support economic growth. It’s crazy!”

2123523275_bf10e0ef17_oAs an immigrant and recent Canadian citizen [got my citizenship just month or so ago] I must to say that I am absolutely and utterly astonished by his words! This is unbelievable and shameful statement about Canada and our immigration process. Suzuki claims that Canada is full?! I don’t know where he been for last few decades and where he spent his life but it looks like he hasn’t been in Canada. For God’s sake David Suzuki Canada’s population is still around 35 million and as you said it’s second largest country in the world. Just to put that in perspective Istanbul which is two times size of Toronto has a population of 13.9 million?! So about what David Suzuki is talking here?

3756546525_861dd7a1b8_oMy second point is: How we plunder southern countries by depriving them of future leaders? Actually should be which southern countries? Southeast Asia countries, Latin America, United States or maybe Europe? Today Canada opens its doors for hundreds of thousands of those who never had a chance to achieve higher education, to be able to have a proper home or proper health care, to vote on elections and to have their human rights protected. So how we deprive somebody of a future leaders if for example we give them a chance to succeed and to impact their native homelands through experiences and knowledge obtained here?

I am wondering what’s wrong with increasing population to support economic growth? Are we suppose to cut down population and deny a chance to quality individuals, hard workers and smart young and older people to achieve their dreams while they live in one of the world’s largest democracies? It seems that David Suzuki thinks that entirely wrong, but he forgets that many many Canadians who’re immigrants are supporters of his foundation and financiers of his adventures all over the Canada and the world.

I would say yeah it’s crazy to whom we gave our highest honors and who is representing Canada abroad. This is not a Canada. Canada is country of immigrants and hard working people who’s parents, grand-parents and many generation before built it to be what it is today. Canada welcomes all good people to live, work and enjoy their lives as much as it is possible. Just days ago I celebrated my first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen and I proudly say that I am proud to be a Canadian, because this is country of opportunities and chances. Who doesn’t like it doesn’t need to live here can follow Lord Black and others who left Canada for better abroad but to comeback later and seeks security here.


3 thoughts on “#Immigration: Suzuki thinks Canada is full?!

  1. Lorne says:

    Here is the statement in context as translated by Bing. I think you may want to revisit your conclusion about Dr. Suzuki after reading.

    In your autobiography, you mentioned “a happy childhood in a Colombia-British racist”. Seven decades later, the Canada has reason to boast of being the most harmonious multicultural society in the world?
    It is a remarkable experience as this. The presence of Asians is impressive: on the campus of University of British Columbia, it is like in Hong Kong! The generation of my parents, yet born in Canada, continued to marry between Japanese. Today, 90% of Canadians of Japanese origin married to non-Japanese. While recognizing the diversity of the multicultural mosaic instead of pushing a melting-pot American, Trudeau has facilitated integration.
    Whatever their origins, Canadians recognize themselves in common values: the respect for differences and the choice of peaceful and democratic solutions. That said, First Nations remain inadequately treated. However, the fate of these people touch me, not only for what they have suffered but also because they have preserved an original relationship with nature. And this link is the greatest gift that they can make us.
    In Australia, environmentalists oppose population growth and immigration arguing that natural resources would not bear them. What do you think?
    Oh, I believe that the Canada is full also! Even if it is the second largest country in the world, our useful surface is reduced. Our immigration policy is sickening: we are the countries of the South by depriving them of their future frameworks and we want to increase our population to promote the growth of our economy. It’s crazy!
    It is, however, a bit selfish of you want to close the door behind you…
    It does not mean that we have no responsibility to those who are struggling to survive elsewhere. But there’s more room. However, the Canada must always open its doors to those who suffer oppression or emergency. When in the 1970s, we welcomed 50,000 boat people of the Viet Nam, I was particularly proud to be Canadian.


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