#BCPoli: Clark finally on board, Opposition lost

Christy ClarkAfter not so surprising victory in Westside-Kelowna by-election Premier Christy Clark is finally on board in full force as Premier and MLA. Since she won BC Liberals leadership in early 2011 Clark fought many battles mainly against public, pollsters and caucus which often didn’t support her but her leadership opponents. She showed her ability to lead and deliver almost impossible, beating down -20 pts in polls and returning as strong majority, Clark is finally equipped with essential tools to start working on crucial issues for the people of British Columbia. One of those essential tools is caucus which is finally united behind her back and ready to nail down all what government planned to be done over the next four years. On the other side of the chamber and political spectrum is BC NDP. More than two months after elections BC NDP is still searching for some panel which will dissect what happened to them and what direction should be taken if they want to play significant role in 2017. Adrian Dix, a men who was suppose to become BC Premier, still leads BC NDP showing no intention to resign to give power to somebody else who could lead NDP to the victory on next election.

clark fassbenderWhat I’m expecting from Clark and BC Liberals is to start delivering results in those areas on which they won. As I said Clark now for the first time has a full support in caucus, abilities for good work and some results. While everybody is absolutely concerned about fiscal situation, budgetary deficit and LNG I am more interested to see some real results in areas of transportation, health care, child poverty and education. Transportation is really important because first of all as a user of public transit, and a citizen of Surrey, I really know how hard is to navigate around and reach every corner of the city. Especially city of Surrey’s size and fast growing population, anywhere between 1100 and 1200 per month, should be one of the top priorities for Christy Clark and her team. Health care we all know is extremely costly, takes large part of the provincial budget and often doesn’t delivers needed results. Too many problems, not enough results. Child poverty as we know is one of the largest problems in BC, actually BC leads a country in this area. Premier decided to keep same minister, Surrey’s own Stephanie Cadieux, in place so let’s be a bit optimistic that by 2017 we could see some positive moves regarding this issues. Former Langley Mayor and well experienced negotiator Peter Fassbender will have one of the hardest jobs in the Cabinet due to expected long-term resolution of troubling Government – Teachers Union relations. His recent experience in negotiations with RCMP on new contract could play significant role in creating of new environment between political and union teams at the table.

Adrian DixWell experienced political losers NDP are still struggling to figure out what happened to them. In his recent column in The Vancouver Sun, Vaughn Palmer, perfectly explains what’s happening at the NDP at the moment. This whole process of figuring out is too long, too confusing and after all very disappointing to the members of Dix’s party. It’s clear what happened to NDP, what should be done and where they need to go. First: Adrian Dix and his whole team including Brian Topp should be fired and sent far far away from the party. Second: Party should start rethinking strategy and goals which they want to achieve in 2017, but not goals like Dix set them this year, but to be realistic. Third: They need to be less radical and to stay away of being run by people like BCTF. If they don’t do these things on a proper way chances are that BC Liberals will have a chance to celebrate twenty years of uninterrupted power in British Columbia. NDP’s total disorientation will only help to Clark’s government to unopposed runs province while fulfilling what they promised to people of British Columbia.

It’s gonna be interesting few years in the world of BC politics. So let’s brace ourselves for that hoping for the best for the province and the citizens.

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