Wanna be PM and Liberal Leader supports David Suzuki

TrudeauLiberal Party Leader, better known as a person who’s charging charities to speak at their events, and wanna be Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau showed to us which kind of Canada he wants to lead. Trudeau is supporting well known environmentalist controversialist David Suzuki in his frontal blunt shameful attack on Canada’s immigration, claiming Suzuki could have a point in this matter. As I wrote here recently Suzuki in his recent interview to France L’Express said that Canada is full and that our immigration system is crazy. Now Trudeau who’s party is well known as the favourite among immigrants or recent Canadian citizens on elections sends to all of us a message that he agrees with Suzuki in the opinion about our immigration system craziness.

“There is a way to reconcile concern, legitimate concerns about environmental sustainability, and Canada’s continued openness and strength around immigration,” Trudeau said Saturday in Toronto when asked about Suzuki’s comments.

Ugh! “Legitimate concerns” about “environmental sustainability”?! I’m not sure that I follow Liberal’s leader path and that I could find a point in his expressions, but let me try to understand it from my own position of immigrant/recent citizen. In my last piece on this issue I pointed out to the clear facts regarding Canadian population compared with a single city in Europe, Istanbul, leaving aside for example New York. Istanbul today has a population of just a bit under 14 million, while on the other side New York has a population of approximately just over 20 million that’s just 14 million people less than Canada as the second largest country in the world. USA has about 310 million people and still space to get more there, but they’re in a trouble with environmental issues, not a Canada which still needs more population and growth to make it fully sustainable in effort to ensure prosperous future with strong work force in all areas of life.

david suzuki

So to me it is absolutely impossible to put Trudeau’s “environmental sustainability” in a proper frame, because large percentage of Canada’s territory today is empty, uninhabited and still has strong nature presence on it. If you travel through the British Columbia or large parts of Alberta you’ll ask yourselves “ok where are the people in this country, does anybody lives here”, but duo Trudeau-Suzuki sees some sort of environmental disaster unfolding here. Should we expect to see soon Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, to join them and claim some more lunacies about endangered environment caused by immigration?

Trudeau made a real effort to make a whole thing even worse for himself and his party, well known crasher of other’s events and media attention seeker, unleashed his comments on an event organized by Filipino immigration community which is one of the largest in Canada. So Liberals would sit down and talk to Suzuki about “legitimate concerns” while they would ask members of immigrants communities to support them on the next federal elections.

I’m scared if Trudeau and his Liberals get elected to lead this country we could have David Suzuki as the minister of environment and sustainability running around a witch hunt against immigrants. Let’s just hope that Canadian voters will ask many questions regarding immigration on next elections and will held all parties accountable on this very important issue, but also let’s hope that they would not follow what Suzuki and his compatriots have to say about Canada.


One thought on “Wanna be PM and Liberal Leader supports David Suzuki

  1. Matthew Rooyakkers says:

    You’re looking at this the wrong way! Suzuki was making that statement on an economical point of view, not a racial one and we all know this, yet you guys in the media continue to say his remarks xenophobic, why? Also too, we shouldn’t limit immigration completely, but we cannot assume that if there gets to be a point where white Canadians are a minority that those who are the majority ( realistically speaking, Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Lebanese, Sudanese, Somalis, Congolese and Jamaicans given those nations are the largest sources of immigrants to Canada now) will continue to run Canada as an industrialized 1st world nation, with good healthcare and retain things that are concrete to our nation such as English and French, etc. You must understand that despite what you may think there’s no incentive to integrate into our society due to the melting pot, and MANY don’t now, so when they’re in control why would they change things then would just because “we showed them the ropes back in the day”? There are already people in the nation who would like to make Punjabi, Mandarin, Tegalag and Arabic part of our national languages and sharia law one of our laws, because you give a glass a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk, then a cookie w that glass of milk,etc. Around half of Canadians surveyed said there are already too many immigrants and would you really want to take the chance of having tribal warfare, reintroduced diseases like smallpox and leprosy, famine, sub par cleanliness like when people make a bowel movement in the streets in public, or no longer living in a first world nation? I sure don’t and this is ISN’T racist because it’s a fact since these things are commonplace in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the middle east. So before you guys criticize peopled for being “racist” consider whether it’s based on fact or if not, then if it’s actually racists. Thanks for your time.

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