Reporter Legend Helen Thomas dies at age of 92

Helen ThomasA women who broke every possible barrier in the world of journalism eventually becoming the Dean of the White House Press Corps died at age of 92. Helen Thomas was well known in the world of journalism and out of it as a relentless and fearless questioner of Presidents starting with President-elect Kennedy in 1960’s to Obama in late 2000’s. For many years she finished every presidential press conference with “Thank you, Mr. President”. Over the years Helen Thomas first as a reporter then later as columnist built her reputation as someone who doesn’t get satisfied very easily and often forced Presidents to fight for their right to speak as that happened to George W. Bush.

During her five decades in White House Press Corps Thomas witnessed many historical events from Kennedy’s assassination, Nixon’s resignation to Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and Obama’s historical victory as first African-American US President. Unfortunately her departure from the White House was quite controversial due to her statement that Jews should go home and leave Palestine at peace, adding that Jewish home is in Poland, Germany and elsewhere.

She’s gonna be remembered as one and unique journalistic soul who opened doors to thousands of female journalists essentially giving them a chance to change a world of journalism, politics and public relations. Hopefully her career will inspire many more journalists to follow her path on becoming true professionals and representatives of very humble and hardworking profession.

Rest in peace Helen Thomas!

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