Putin continues fight against the West and the rest

Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)
Vladimir Putin, supreme Russian leader (Photo: Flickr)

In her last year book on Russian President Vladimir Putin, journalist Masha Gessen, wrote an exceptional description of this former KGB agent turned supreme leader of the Russian Federation over the last almost 15 years. She writes:

“Putin loved the Soviet Union, and he loved its KGB, and when he had power of his own, effectively running the financial system of the country’s second-largest city, he wanted to build a system just like them. It would be a closed system built on total control – especially control over the flow of information and the flow of money.” 
Since 1999 when Boris Yeltsin basically give him power without proper election or procedures Putin stands against everybody else in world except the worst of the worst. That year he stood shoulder to shoulder with former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic during Serbia-Kosovo war defending ruthless use of military against hundreds of thousands of native Albanians in Kosovo. Later over the years Putin, with excellent cooperation from another ruthless regime this time in Beijing, he stood in support of Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir, late Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi, former Egyptian President Mubarak, and lately his great friend Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. His favourite after all was former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad had his full support in areas of nuclear power efforts, anti human rights actions and in support to people like al-Assad, who’s forces are well supplied by both Putin and Ahmadinejad. Truly amazing group of people to support, especially if you’re calling yourself a democrat and supporter of human rights.
During his appearance on Sunday CBS Face The Nation show US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) described Putin as “a schoolyard bully” urging US President and his protege Barack Obama to act and stood to bully.
Sen. Schumer (Photo: Flickr)
Sen. Schumer (Photo: Flickr)

“President Putin’s behaving like a schoolyard bully, and in my experience, I’ve learned, unless you stand up to that bully, they ask for more and more and more,” Schumer said. “He’s always going out of his way, President Putin is, to seem to poke us in the eye, whether it’s in Iran, Syria, now with Snowden – so I would urge the president not to go forward with the bilateral meeting next month. That would give Putin the kind of respect he doesn’t deserve at this point in time.”  

Recently Putin is at the heart of Edward Snowden spy saga in which he again stood on the opposite side in this case of the United States. I’m not surprised at all the he supported Snowden because just year or so ago he embraced a large group of his own spies lead by Anna Chapman when they were deported from the United States. As a former KGB he likes those who are able to give him others secrets, dirt and informations which later can be used for his own gain. Snowden and Chapman are welcomed because they give him informations obtained in illegal or at least suspicious way, but bloggers as Alexei Navalny or former chess world champion Gary Kasparov are branded as enemies of the state and persecuted. Navalny is at the doors of Putin gulags somewhere in Siberia, if he doesn’t win Moscow mayoral race later this year, while Kasparov lives abroad in effort to protect his life and family.
G20 leaders as of June 2013 (Photo: Flickr)
G20 leaders as of June 2013 (Photo: Flickr)
US president Barack Obama is scheduled to attend G20 meeting later this year in former Putin stronghold of St. Petersburg, with potential one-on-one meeting in Moscow with Putin, and many in the States are against that. One-on-one meeting with Putin would give impression that Obama supports him and has respect for Putin actions, this is opposed from both sides in the House and US Senate.
“I would also urge the president to try to urge our allies, if it were possible, to move the G-20 summit away from St. Petersburg. Some of them may not want to do that. The G-20 summit’s important, but certainly on our own end, for the president to meet with Putin in a one-on-one meeting later this month would give him respect he doesn’t deserve after all he’s done”, Sen. Schumer said receiving later in the show rare support and agreement from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis)
Question is would Obama listen his friend Sen. Schumer and Rep. Ryan? If he acts that would mean he finally sees Putin as political opponent and someone who should be stopped, otherwise public might see him as supporter of Putin policies and actions.

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