Germans to decide: Merkel or Steinbrück

David Cameron and Angela Merkel (Photo: Flickr)

David Cameron and Angela Merkel (Photo: Flickr)

Next month German voters will need to make one of the crucial decisions for their future. But, not only about their own future, some 400 million people inside the European Union and countless more all over the world will need to learn how to live with it over the next four years. Incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel is poised to win another term at the helm of the country which steers Europe and the world over the last few decades, especially over the last few years since worldwide recession started and destructed many economies. Of course Merkel’s victory in later September will work well for her compatriots because EU strings are safely in her hands despite opposition which comes from UK PM David Cameron and other leaders. This brought her admiration on domestic scene which is often a case with German chancellor’s, nonetheless it can be changed without any prior. Opposite to Merkel’s success over the last four years stands her former coalition partner and finance minister Peer Steinbrück.

Merkel – perfect politician – leader with opposition in Europe

CDU leader will have behind her back many supporters or admirers, especially in public relations business, as one of the perfect leaders politicians in today’s world of dirty politics. She keeps herself away from public spotlight, her emotions are always under control and all of her statements are perfectly coordinated with her team. Compared with other leading politicians in Europe or in the world Angela Merkel could be branded as “boring” and totally uninteresting.

Since global economic meltdown hit waste number of countries all over the world, especially in Europe, Merkel was leader in austerity policies and politics joining France leaders in the past and today, “trying” to save troubling EU members as Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal or Italy. These policies where always troubling to many, today we have strong opposition to these lead by UK, and if EU lead by Germany-France block continues with it recessions or double-recession will continue for numerous years. In February of last year US billionaire and investor, George Soros, criticized German chancellor explaining that her current policies could lead Europe into the another Great Depression similar to one in 1930’s. Soros who invested a billions of dollars in highly successful projects all over the world said to Der Spiegel in interview that EU doesn’t need more cuts and austerity, in his opinion funds should be injected with fresh money which would help recovery.

Germans need to decide if they want to continue with this current political stream or they want to move it into the different direction more suitable for inter-European and international cooperation. Hundreds of millions of people will either suffer or benefit depending on their decision.

Two important elements

Going through this election campaign Merkel beside popularity and support for her current austerity policies, at least in domestic arena, will need two significant elements to play in her favour, if junior coalition partner FDP fail to perform, her situation could become a bit more difficult. FDP’s potential failure to gain seats in Bundestag in September would endanger Merkel’s road to Chancellory would be way steeper either putting her in minority government or forcing her to go in a big coalition with Steinbrück. On the other side Steinbrück could become the next Chancellor with help of Greens as a junior partner, knowing that this coalition previously worked well their cooperation wouldn’t need much negotiations and thinking.

Secondary element are the non-voters. Recently on regional elections non-voters in all generations reached highest percentage of not casting ballots. Up to 40% of voters in some of German regions didn’t decide to come and support any of political teams probably due to current policies, now the questions is in which percentage they would come in September?


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