Obama to seek congressional authorization on Syria

US President Barack Obama is ready to use a military force in Syria, having prepared a significant force in the region as he said ready to act as soon as he makes final decision, but that decision will be made upon debate at the Capitol Hill is concluded and Congress has its say on this matter. Obama as the Commander in Chief expressed his belief that Syrian issue is one of those threatening US national security and one of those unacceptable events in the international relations arena. Both houses of the US Congress will be back on Monday, September 9th, to discuss potential authorization to the President Obama but is unlikely that they would come early to that. 

While Obama will wait on the Congress to debate and finally to decide on the issue of authorization United Nation inspectors whom were sent to Syria to investigate potential chemical weapons use will issue their report over the next two weeks. In meantime Bashar Al-Assad and his team will have, as they had over the last two years, free hands to do whatever they want acting against those who rebelled against him. Request for the authorization is nothing new, but also even if Obama didn’t ask for it it wouldn’t be a surprise because over the last few decades in numerous occasions Obama’s predecessors issues a green light for major military operations without Congress approval. As the Congress Minority Leader, Sen. McConnell, said today this will give a great strength to Obama and his position as the Commander in Chief prior to the next moves against Al-Assad regime.    us-senate-voting

Obama’s decision comes just days after UK House of Commons voted against PM David Cameron wish to get involved in potential military action against Syrian dictatorship regime. It is almost clear that Obama’s move is inspired by this event in effort to please a public in the United States and all over the world when it comes to potential attack on Al-Assad regime.  As UK debate was not satisfying in details and clear answers what’s a real goal of the potential action, Obama’s team would need to make a strong advocacy and evidence contingency going into the Congress for approval.

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