Hank Paulson says Congress will rise debt ceiling

Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)
Hank Paulson (Photo: Flickr)

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, well known as person who doesn’t often speaks to media, gave a several interviews over the last few days. Paulson wishes that he has today’s regulatory tools adding, what signifies that he was not unable to do more while he was at the head of Treasury.

What I found interesting is Paulson’s confidence that US Congress would rise the debt ceiling beside current GOP refusal to do so. It might look that Paulson has either insider informations or he just believes that GOP would not be able to refuse to compile with President Obama ideas.

Talking about potential successor of his friend and colleague from the worst times for US economy, Ben Bernanke, Paulson expressed his amusement with amount of politicking involved in process.

Well let’s see how Washington will behave over the next few months regarding FED and national debt ceiling. Maybe Prof. Paulson is way better predictor than he was as the Secretary of Treasury several years ago.

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