Kosovo elections: Good for Pristina, bad for Serbs on North

Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)
Krstimir Pantić (Photo: Screenshot)

Kosovo Municipal elections, first ever held on its entire territory since its independence from Serbia and Brussels agreement, had been almost very good for the government in Pristina but very bad for Serbian population at the Kosovo north. Central Election Commission reported in early Monday hours that just above 47% eligible voters exercised their rights, these doesn’t include numbers from the North were election process was abruptly stopped following brutal incidents.

Official Pristina tried to accommodate all voters and their needs but Serbian extremists lead by ultraconservative organization Dveri, Democratic Party of Serbia and some members of Serbian Orthodox Church attacked polling stations, destroyed voting materials and attacked members of election boards. Official Belgrade especially President Nikolić, Prime Minister Dačić and Deputy-PM Vučić issued repeated appeals to Serbs at northern Kosovo to keep calm, vote and take responsibility for their future. Central Election Commission in Pristina had some technical problems with voters registry and organizational elements, but nothing severe as hooligan attacks in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Candidate for Mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica, Krstimir Pantić, accused member of Serbian Parliament Marko Jakišić (Democratic Party of Serbia) was a leader of hooligan groups who attacked him and other members of group which followed directions from Belgrade to vote in elections. Pantić said that he has evidences of Jakišić instructing hooligans whom to attack and where to attack. Extremists from Central Serbia who implemented these attacks also used audio-video equipment to record those who arrived at polling stations probably in effort to use that material later against voters. Pantić also expects from Central Election Commission to void any electoral material or results and to repeat whole process when security situation and all other requirements are fulfilled.

Official Belgrade accused Kosovo government for indirect collaboration with extremists. Accusations are that Kosovo government didn’t want to see any voters at the north to exercise their rights to vote, but Belgrade expects that EU will react and ensure Serbs rights which were intended to allow them to create Union of Serb Municipalities on Kosovo.

In the part of Kosovo which is under the control of Albanian majority officials reported minor incidents or problems, but nothing violent as it was the Serbian majority controlled north.


  1. “In the part of Kosovo which is under the control of Albanian majority officials reported minor incidents or problems, but nothing violent as it was the Serbian majority controlled north.”

    That’s untrue as there was a MURDER of a Kosovo Albanian candidate by a Kosovo Albanian police officer just hours before the election:
    Local election candidate shot dead in Kosovo (Bekim Birinxhiku, 38, in Srbica) “the shooter was a member of the police who was not on duty at the time of the incident” http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/world/2013-11/03/c_132854057.htm

    Bekim Birinxhiku was a former KLA soldier and member of Haradinaj’s party.

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