Bosnia Census: Preliminary results – Population is 3.7 million

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.00.48 PMStatistics Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina released on Monday first preliminary results of recently held census. This census is the first ever since 1991, first post-independence and post-war census. On last census Bosnia and Herzegovina population was 4.377.033, but due to large number of war related deaths and immigration that number is lot smaller today. More data will be published in approximately two weeks and will continue through substantial period during the next two years until 2016. 

Based on first released numbers today’s Bosnian population is 3.791.622 which is 585.411 less than 22 years ago. Of course this number doesn’t include substantial number of Bosnia and Herzegovina immigration all over the world which was not included in the final number. Preliminary results confirmed expectations that population is anywhere between 3.4 and 3.8 million people. These preliminary results are highly important for overall picture on Bosnia and Herzegovina demographics but more important than this will be data on age, sex and employment composition of population. Also big impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina future especially political future will be decided once when we learn numbers on ethnic and national groups which could force changes in Bosnia’s constitution and Parliamentary system composition. That could have very important impact on Bosnia’s road to European Union membership and current divides created after the war.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.00.48 PM

Graphic presentation of statistical data above shows that Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is bigger of two Bosnia’s entities [51% of territory] is populated by 2.371.603 citizens. District of Brčko which is under special jurisdiction is populated by 93.028 and Republic of Srpska which is smaller entity [49% of territory] is populated by 1.326.991 citizens. These still don’t include information on national, gender and age structure, data on these will be released later and will have impact on future political structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Translated in percents Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina share in overall population is 62.55%, Republic of Srpska 35% and District Brčko share is just 2.45%.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.01.40 PM

The most populated canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Tuzla Canton with 477.278 citizens, next are Sarajevo Canton with 438.443, Zenica-Doboj Canton 385.067, Una-Sana Canton with 299.343, Central Bosnia Canton with 273.149, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton with 236.278, Western Herzegovina Canton with 97.893, Canton No. 10 with 90.727, Posavina Canton with 48.089 and Bosnia Podrinje Canton with 25.336 citizens.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.02.03 PM

Bosnian capital of Sarajevo Metropolitan Area is the most populated in the country with 291.422 citizens which is 12.3% of over all Federation of B&H population. The most populated city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Banja Luka [capital of Republic of Srpska entity] with 199.191 citizens followed by a part of Sarajevo Metropolitan area municipality of Novi Grad [New City] with 124.471 citizens, Tuzla with 120.441, Zenica with 115.134, Bijeljina with 114.663 and Mostar at the 6th place with 113.169 citizens. Least populated areas are East Drvar with 109 citizens, East Mostar with 280, Kupres [RS] with 320, Petrovac with 367 and Trnovo with 1830 citizens.


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