Serbia and Kosovo will recognize each other, PM Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci
Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci believes that sometimes in future Kosovo and Serbia will recognize each other and will be able to continue their integration to EU and NATO. In his interview to Bosnian national TV and Interview 20 show PM Thaci said recognition will come as natural move once when relations are stabilized and set in proper framework which is now negotiated will Belgrade. He is a optimist that final status agreement and stabilization will be reached in the future despite opposition on both sides. Kosovo leader also said that Serbian politicians and officials are welcome to visit Kosovo but they’ll need to respect its independence and abstain from any interfering in any domestic issues.

Asked by the host Sanela Prašović Gadžo about his views of Northern Kosovo, with Serb majority population, and their integration into Kosovo constitutional and legal system PM said that his only wish is to serve and work on behalf of all Kosovo citizens. Union of Serb Municipalities on Kosovo north and Fund for it’s development in his words will help integration process. Despite his current optimism Thaci is very cautious when it comes to predict when that will happen or when both sides will be completely satisfied with status. Nonetheless Kosovo PM believes that one day one of his life-long dreams, which includes memberships in EU-NATO-UN, will become reality and that Serbia will be Kosovo’s good neighbor and partner.

Serbia and Kosovo PM's with EU Commissioner Baroness Ashton
Serbia and Kosovo PM’s with EU Commissioner Baroness Ashton

Thaci who once student of philosophy and history, later leader of Kosovo Liberation Army and presently a politician said that the process of changing borders in Balkans is over. But he also says that:

“Every country in Balkans has its own Kosovska Mitrovica.”

Kosovo leader is quite right each of former Yugoslavian countries has a city which is divided, theme of decades long disputes and ongoing problems almost impossible to be solved. As he said Kosovo has Kosovska Mitrovica where south is mainly Albanian and north is populated by Serbs, Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer city of Mostar and Croatia has a city of Vukovar.

Currently Kosovo invests hundred of millions of Euros on crucial investments. Government recently invested in new Priština airport, which is labeled as the best in the region and was opened by Turkey and Albania Prime Ministers Erdogan and Rama. According to Prime Minister Thaci, based on IMF and World Bank reports, Kosovo economy growth is between 4.8 and 5 per-cent which is probably one of the best in Europe. Government also invests heavily in transportation network. Highway which will connect Kosovo with European Transit corridor and neighboring countries is seen as one of the best in South Eastern Europe. Also big chuck of investment funds goes in housing, industrial and general amenities project all over a country. Kosovo government lead by Thaci hopes that following last week elections will be able to continue working on behalf of all its citizens spreading available funds to all of them.

Kosovo today doesn’t have any open problems with any of neighboring countries. Only “problem” is that Bosnia and Herzegovina still didn’t recognize it as independent state, due to objections from Serb political parties, but that doesn’t stops economic cooperation and exchange. Thaci expressed his hope that citizens of his country and Serbia will have strategic patience until whole process is over and their dreams are fulfilled for the best and brighter future.

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