A few thoughts ahead of next year municipal elections

Mayor of Toronto in Croatia Jutarnji List (Photo: Screenshot)

Mayor of Toronto in Croatia Jutarnji List (Photo: Screenshot)

At this time next year many Canadian municipalities will be occupied with election campaign and decision making process to choose course for their communities over the next three years. In many of the security, transportation, taxes, housing and overall strategies will be at the top of the list. Although for many of them, if not to all, key issue will be to judge who are the people who are asking for support and chance to lead. This is in particular opens many questions regarding our choices and ways how we chose Mayors and Councils in Canada. Maybe more about Mayors than about Councils. Montreal, Laval and Toronto found their places in the national and international media over the last year from all wrong reasons. Rob Ford and his drugs, alcohol and behavioural adventures are not only interesting to us here in Canada but all over the world. In light of these events we’ll need totally different strategy before we head to polling stations and elect new municipal representatives.

(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Electorate is used to chose based on promises, ideas, election platforms aimed to captivate their attention and go along with their expectations. Any of those are clearly key elements of campaigning process and if post-election climate is positive some of them in rare cases majority will be implemented, but some often key and the biggest promises will remain just that. Now in light of Rob Ford and his colleagues Mayor’s in Eastern Canada caught in many illegal activities we will need to look beyond promises. Personalities of those who are seeking place in municipal governments must to become one of the most important issues. Electorate knows every candidate or at least someone close to them through who we can judge about them as persons. Are they trustworthy, are they related to illegal activities, are their businesses or business partners successful people are just some of questions which voters will need to examine.

Rob Ford as the worst example of municipal politician elected based on his words and promises today makes international news, a whole world is laughing and it is often astonished with actions of Canada’s largest municipality leader. It is almost unbelievable that none of those who vote for him didn’t knew anything about his past or present behaviour and his actions before and after he entered the world of politics. Social media as widespread it is should be one of the channels through which we should obtain some, with great caution, informations about the candidates ahead of 2014 elections. Also good tactics should be to go around the city and talk to the people in community to learn about each and every of them. Clearly we have today friends in all parts of the cities in which we leave and informations are available when we need them.

Let’s try to elect those who will work for us and not against us. Let’s try to elect those who will promote our communities across the country and the world as the best places to live, work, establish our families or business and places to grow along with our municipalities. Canada should be positive example not the punching bag for the international media do to people like Rob Ford.


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