Anti-Government protests across Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7. 2. 2014.

Friday was a D-Day in eruption of displeasure with Bosnian government over the last 20 years in which they failed to move country ahead towards EU, NATO and better life for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Displeasure erupted in violent attacks which targeted several regional government seats (Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica), later set on fire and destroyed.

Bosnian Presidency building was also set on fire after protesters pushed police forces away from it, biggest damage on Friday was done to National Archives in Sarajevo. Fire in Archives Depot destroyed irreplaceable documents from Austro-Hungarian, WWII and recent periods kept there for historic records of Bosnia’s past.

Hundreds were injured, mostly police officers who found themselves under heavy attacks mostly by stones or anything available to protesters. Happily no deaths were reported.  More protests expected on Saturday morning across Bosnia, many hope without more violence and damages to public property and without more injured police officers or citizens.

Combined report from anti-government protests across Bosnia and Herzegovina:


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