Ukraine is at war, World is sanctioning?!

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

(Photo: Flickr / Christiaan Triebert)

Not long ago I wrote here about situation in Ukraine and I asked who’s gonna win people or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin through his thugs in Kiev. Now after days of bloodshed between police, paramilitary and protesters we can say that Yanukovych, Putin and their brutal forces are winning a battle, but not a war. This is a war, very old and very powerful model in fight against people fighting for democracy in post-Communistic countries across Europe. Hundred or so people are dead in Kiev, hotels are makeshift hospitals, churches are used for shelter and streets are effectively war zone. Sniper shooters are send to kill those who are fighting for better future, brighter future for kids and grandkids of those who are fighting today. Similar pictures we saw from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in 1990’s. In April of 1992 Radovan Karadzic supported by Slobodan Milosevic who was supported by Putin’s predecessor late Boris Yeltsin sent his snipers to shoot protesters in front of Bosnian Parliament Building just because they asked for democracy and human rights.

And what world is doing in moments when Ukrainians are fighting for their own freedom, lives and better future. NOTHING. Talks, talks, talks and after that more talks about wait (drums please) SANCTIONS against leading politicians. Let’s be clear, sanctions against politicians will not bring anything good to people of Ukraine. Reason is simple they would not leave Ukraine soon, majority of their wealth up to this moment is put to safe location somewhere in Ukraine or in nearby pro-Putin countries where they can later go and pick it up.

If they really want to do something for people of Ukraine is to either send in NATO to start peacekeeping mission, but not UN because they are badly discredited in their previous missions in Africa and Balkans. Second step should be to send high rank negotiating team to help transition from Yanukovych to whomever is people’s choice to lead a country over the next few weeks, months or years. Otherwise Ukraine could become another European country with mass graves, concentration camps, thousands of dead innocent people and even bigger numbers of orphans just because some politician decided to side with ruthless Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin.


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