Trudeau should think twice before he speaks

(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Canadian politics are one of the most interesting places in the world, especially when it comes to foreign politics and Canadian political leaders approach to it. Stephen Harper, reasonably or not, years ago decided to ditch United Nations due to his view that being active participant in its business is not benefiting Canada and its interest across the world. Also his stands on Mid-East political issues are not very welcomed among various groups or nations, but one Canadian political leader in particular recently caused very heated reactions and offended many. Justin Trudeau, presumed favourite ahead of next year federal elections, is showing to everybody that he is not ready to take highest office in the country. Probably older Canadians would say that he reminds them of his late father once PM who walked in the House of Commons in flip-flops, Hawaiian shirts and in 1971 mumbled “fuddle duddle” to colleague across the aisle. His son, Justin, who today leads Liberals and its seen as potential successor to Stephen Harper as Prime Minister managed first to leave speechless whole country with his praise to Chinese government and now offended whole Ukrainian nation with his “hockey joke”.

“President Yanukovych has been made illegitimate. It’s very worrying, especially because Russia lost in hockey, they’ll be in a bad mood. We fear Russia’s involvement in Ukraine,” Trudeau said.

Well if Justin Trudeau really has intention to lead this country after the next federal elections than he should smarten up, shut up his mouth before he speaks and even when he opens his mouth that should be only if he is absolutely sure that he has something to say. Before he really runs for the highest political office in this country he should follow words of his father said in an interview to former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff that he decided not to make party option too soon as John English writes in his Trudeau biography “Citizen of the World”. Then Trudeau Sr. said that one rather should complete philosophical formation first because “once you join a party, it’s hard to switch. You have the whole history of friendship and everything else.” Making so unintelligent and ruthless “jokes” about hundreds of dead and potential military action by the Russian regime against people who are fighting for their own future and better lives is  beyond comprehension. Especially when it comes from someone who never found himself in the similar situation to fight for his rights or ability to survive because he is born in Canada and he had unique opportunity to enjoy all fruits of democracy. 

As someone who felt similar kind of fight, as Ukrainians do today, for democracy and heard many “jokes” like Trudeau’s targeting my own people and family during Balkan wars in 1990’s I can say that there is no apology nor words from Trudeau or his political allies which can erase damage done by his words. My advise to Trudeau, and other political leaders, would be to do more actual work and help Ukrainian people to win this fight and to leave jokes for some better, happier and brighter times. Let’s focus on moving Ukraine forward instead to create useless reasons for endless discussions about unimportant issues.


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