Aleksandar Vučić: From Radical to favorite and Serbia saviour

kurz i vucicTwo decades ago Aleksandar Vučić was a member of far right political party which run paramilitary forces across the Balkans, today he is favorite politician in his and in at least another three regional countries with his center-right Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). Over the last two years Mr. Vučić was Deputy Prime Minister and once Defense Minister of Serbia, but judging right that his political force has a largest support among Serbia’s population chose to go to the polls and ask the for support in effort to tackle numerous problems with which Serbia is faced today. Since times of Slobodan Milošević in 1990’s  Serbia is place rotten with all kinds of corruption, oligarchy and reckless spending and crime so interconnected with governmental system that succeed to assassinated former Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic eleven years ago. On Sunday Mr. Vučić won parliamentary elections with highest support ever in modern Serbian political history. As of yesterday Serbian Parliament will have one party with overwhelming power to lead a country in new wave of reforms, chance to move a country towards full membership in EU, to fix problems with Kosovo but also to remain on good political and economical terms with Russia who is Serbia’s ally over the years especially on East River in UN Security Council. Joining Mr. Vučić in Parliament of Serbia will be his former coalition partner Social Party of Serbia, founded by Slobodan Milošević in 1990’s, who’s present leader Ivica Dačić will continue to play strong role in Serbia’s political future. Beside SNS and SPS only two other Parties in 250 seats Chambers will be once united, today split, (New) Democratic Party lead by former President of Serbia Boris Tadić and former Mayor of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas. One very interesting element of these elections were right wing parties, but more about that later.

Dacic and Vucic in Parliament of Serbia

Dačić and Vučić in Parliament of Serbia

Vučić on the road to transform Serbia

Since Mr. Vučić became senior political partner in Serbia’s government overall situation started changing from catastrophic to better. That road as of Sunday will be extremely easier  for SNS due to number of seats won, 157 or 162 based on preliminary results. With help of his expected coalition partner Mr. Dačić will have a clean path to rubber stamp every single idea or reform wanted to be implemented in Serbia until the end of this term in 2018. Workload ahead is extremely large and will require Serbian government to work 24/7/365 in effort to clean up mess created over the last twenty years. Political and systematic corruption, oversize and inefficient administration, catastrophic state of the economy and large debt are at the top of the list to be checked off from the list of priorities. Also top priority to the coalition SNS-SPS government will be constitutional reform which is due for a long period of time. All these will help Serbia’s road towards more normal and reformed country but it remains to be seen what will happen in the future.

“I’m sure that Serbia will continue its European path,” Vučić told a media briefing after his party declared victory. “We are ready for that kind of dialogue with all the relevant political parties.”

Big help to Mr. Vučić’s government would come through series of high profile investments by Arabian investors. Late last year Abu Dhabi Etihad Airliner formed joint airline company with Serbia, named Air Serbia, which will help to bring more tourists and visitors to Serbia and connect a country with the rest of the world. Air Serbia will also cover regional country and probably infuse state budget with millions of Euros on annual basis. While that deal is already done sides are working on the next phase of investment project which will include Arabs investments in agriculture, IT industry and brand-new project “Belgrade on water” which will help to transform Serbian capital into something totally new.

Vojislav Koštunica

Vojislav Koštunica

Right wing is destroyed and sent to history

All right wing parties in Serbia terribly lost on Sunday elections and will have a hard job to recover from this blow. DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia) and SRS (Serbian Radical Party once a party of Mr. Vučić) once leading parties in Serbia were voted out of the Parliament. Vojislav Koštunica, DSS leader, was once PM and President of Yugoslavia, and the leader of SRS, Vojislav Šešelj, is currently incarcerated and persecuted in front of ICTY for war crimes committed in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in 1990’s when Mr. Vučić was member of his party.

This means that overall electorate of Serbia changed rapidly from right to left or center-right and will remain there for the remain of this term because they want changes promised by Mr. Vučić.

Darko Šarić

Darko Šarić

Šarić arrested days after elections

In his tenure at the influential post of the First Deputy PM Mr. Vučić started real fight against organized crime and corruption in Serbia. In just few months law and police institutions delivred remarkable results and brought close to the resolution several high profile murder cases. One of those is assassination of Slavko Ćuruvija, prominent journalist, who was now we know killed on orders issued by government officials. On early Tuesday morning Serbian and Montenegrian Police in cooperation with Latin America arrested and transferred to Belgrade one of the most notorious drug traffickers Darko Šarić. His arrest was one of Mr. Vučić pre-campaign and campaign promises and it is first of his accomplishments as the leader of parliamentary majority and it will be of government very soon.


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