Kwan did not know, the Government did not know – both responsible

bc LegislaturePolitical scene in British Columbia is always highly toxic, partisan and at most times ridiculous doesn’t matter if you look at the government or the opposition benches. While BC Liberals, government since 2001, are trying to present themselves as one of the most successful governments and most capable results are far different. On the other side official opposition, BC NDP, is trying to be a moral, judgmental and to profile themselves as viable option to BC voters they’re far from that.

Both sides had their own scandals, problems, internal fights and failed BC voters over and over missing chance to improve lives of those who vote for them. Latest scandal involving BC NDP MLA Jenny Kwan and PHS is not only NDP scandal, but also BC Liberals/Government scandal.

Christy ClarkWhile provincial Premier Christy Clark is going around professing her budget restrains and controlled spending in effort to achieve balanced budget and as she said so many times to make better lives for families and to build future for citizens of BC PHS was spending recklessly taxpayers money. Dozens of thousands of dollars were spent on lavish trips, limousines, dinners, hotels and other perks to leading officials of PHS who were supposed to take care of those in the biggest need in whole province. Those who spent $5,832 for the cost of a “Danube cruise” or worked overtime in amount of $28,000 were supposed to change social picture of Vancouver but they changed their own lives and account balanced with our money. In this case BC Government lead by Christy Clark missed to do due diligence and to perform regular audits of spending at PHS and to ensure that taxpayers dollars were used for services performed by PHS. Those who missed to investigate and report mismanagement of founds and who serve in BC government should be fired immediately and BC government should start doing their job and protect taxpayers.

jenny kwanOn the other side is Jenny Kwan, ferocious BC NDP MLA, often very aggressive when it comes to comments regarding governmental performance and one of those responsible for Carole James demise. Kwan is at the heart of the scandal. MLA Kwan travelled to Disneyland with her now ex (or soon to be ex) husband and children and PHS paid for those now we known almost $35,000 which Kwan will repay adding to that unpaid leave of absence from the job at the Legislature. Her party is unusually silent. In any other situation, if this was government side MLA, Adrian Dix and all his lieutenants will be out there scream at the top of their lungs asking for investigations, inquiries and resignations. Not in Kwan’s case. But she should be removed from the caucus until all details and facts were presented to the public. If it comes that she really didn’t knew that PHS is paying for her trip and she can keep her seat but if that was a lie than she should resign or be removed from the Legislature as any other MLA involved in inappropriate activities including top level of the government.

BC taxpayers need more accountability, more responsible work from both sides of the Legislature and protection of their money, hard earned money and diligently paid taxes. They head enough time to play games, it is a time to start finally working, after all that’s why they got a support from voters last year.

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