Quebec voters decided unity over separatism, Scotland and Catalonia could suffer

Marois: Lost elections, lost seat
Marois: Lost elections, lost seat

On Monday Quebec voters decided to say a big almost ultimate No to PQ and its leaders who wanted to talk about sovereignty and separation from Canada. United Canada and unity between English and French speaking people as much as that sound strange was defended. Defended with the best possible weapon democracy and pure simple will of the people. This situation will have great impact not only on Canada but on the other parts of the world. PQ defeat and a blunt decision of Quebecers to stay united with the rest of Canada will have impact in Scotland, Spain actually Catalonia and in a part in Bosnia.

Scotland and Catalonia will vote in September and November respectively to decide on question do they want to stay in United Kingdom and Spain. Both instances followed Quebec election race with great attention wanting to know if they would be able to use it as argument in their respective cases. Unfortunately for both PQ lost elections and any mention of Quebec as potential reason why people of Scotland or Catalonia should vote “yes” could become biggest element to push people to vote “No”. Scotland would have some extra problems beside mention of Quebec because they will need to overcome other problems like very small chances to become members of EU, no chances at all to become members of NATO and UN. Also Scotland’s economy will survive hard attack because UK will denied it use of pound. Many benefits would go away very very fast and people would need to figure out the fastest way to accommodate losses.

barroso“In case there is a new country, a new state, coming out of a current member state, it will have to apply and… the application and the accession to the European Union will have to be approved by all the other member states of the European Union”, said Jose Manuel Barroso, EU Commission President.

Spain’s Parliament will vote on Tuesday on potential Catalonia referendum. Expectations are that some 300 out of 350 MP’s will vote against independence referendum in Catalonia which is planned for November. Support for Catalonia independence raised over the last few years but Spain’s federal governments objects referendum solely organized in Catalonia. According to federal institutions there only acceptable referendum would be one organized by Madrid and on federal level. This situation could have impact on Scotland’s potential independent EU membership.

“We have seen Spain has been opposing even the recognition of Kosovo, for instance. So it is to some extent a similar case because it’s a new country and so I believe it’s going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, a new member state coming out of one of our countries getting the agreement of the others”, said Barroso in an interview on BBC.

In case of Bosnia, president of Bosnia’s smaller entity called Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, over the last few months mentioned Quebec as potential excuse to organize referendum on secession from Bosnia. Of course he doesn’t have anymore this card in his deck so he’ll be forced to use either Scotland or Catalonia, but if people of both are inclined to think as Quebecers would mean that Dodik wold need to stick with Bosnia for a while. Beside that international community which invested dozens of billions of dollars would not allow RS to separate from Bosnia especially because that would work well for Vladimir Putin and Russia.

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed your post. I’m from Catalonia and I really don’t think we could suffer from Québec’s decision. At the moment we are just asking for democracy and Spain denied it (again). Their speeches yesterday at the Spanish parliament gave us more strength and spurred our intentions. Certainly it doesn’t help that others, such Québec, votes in favour of unity but every process is different and our history and our current situation really pushes us towards independence. It’s still far away, everything could happen. At the moment, as Catalans, we keep working hard in favour of justice and democracy.
    Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly follow you! 🙂

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