Battleground Surrey: Hepner is “too busy” to talk about crime

Linda Hepner glassesSURREY – Crime scene in Surrey is not having a peace even one night or one day. Every morning Surrey and BC public is faced with another breaking news related to latest stabbing, murder or other event involving people from the other side of the law. Over the last 72 or so hours two murders happen in Surrey, one killer is still somewhere out there representing great threat to the public.

But that is already old story in Surrey, but what local politicians are doing is not. While one is speaking her mind (Barinder Rasode) other two (Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner) are hiding between statistical data and exceptional excuses. Both Cllr. Rasode and Cllr. Hepner are expecting to run for Mayor in November, Dianne Watts is as it was expected works on preservation of her legacy after 9 years at the head of the City of Surrey.

city hall

CTV reported on Thursday night on two murders over the last two days and while Cllr.Rasode is calling for more action on fighting crime in the community which is consistent with her previous calls, Cllr. Hepner is showing amazing ignorance when it comes to public safety. As per Lisa Rossington report Hepner said that “she was too busy to talk about crime and to explain her ideas” how to fight crime.

Looking at this issue from journalists or even more public relations view this is a clear sign that you have either wrong advisers or you don’t have them at all. If you have them and they advised you to come out with excuse like that then you are on the clear path to commit political suicide and derail your own campaign. The best option should be to fire them and look for new team to help you on campaign. On the other side if you don’t have proper advisers in area of public relations you should get them as soon as possible.

PR Public RelationsOver the last few weeks this is second bad move by Cllr. Hepner when it comes to public relations, first one was when commenting Cllr. Rasode resignation said that she has great respect for Cllr. Rasode but continue to say that her former colleague is not team player. As said here before you can’t have respect for someone and just few words later display utter disrespect for their work, you either have it or you don’t it is pure and simple like that.

City of Surrey as one of the largest municipalities in Canada does not have a space and time to have, those who want to run for the highest office, or who are still in office, unavailable to speak with media or discuss important issues. Crime situation in Surrey is becoming so grave that wait until October or November when campaign is on to hear their stands on these issues.


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