Battleground Surrey: Why we didn’t know about Gopaul earlier?

julie paskall vigilLast week everyone who lives in the City of Surrey was happy to learn that Julie Paskall murderer is arrested after almost half a year long investigation by local RCMP. Surrey RCMP and IHIT leaders were accompanied by Mayor of Surrey Dianne Watts held a press conference to inform a public about details of this investigation, but missed to mention very important elements which were discovered later by journalists.

Apparently alleged killed Yosef Gopaul is repeated offender who was described by Canada Parole Board as someone who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, violence and threatening behaviour. According to available informations Gopaul served federal sentence for aggravated assault in Brampton, ON in 2009, after which he moved in Surrey late last year just weeks before he attacked and murdered Julie Paskall.

But now the biggest problem to the public in Surrey and especially in Newton is outraged that security agencies never informed us that high-risk offender like Gopaul, who’s violent behaviour was described by Canada Parole Board as “you view violence as an acceptable means of dealing with problems.” As community is still waiting to learn real reasons why Julie Paskall was murdered late last year we can already conclude that is system was doing what was suppose to do and informed public about high-risk offender like Gopaul this event might never happened.

They didn’t informed public about his presence in the community probably because they were engaged in much more “important” business which didn’t helped to resolve previous 24 murders in 2013. That’s why we saw formation of the Mayor’s Crime Task Force only after Julie Paskall was murdered and after Gopaul got a chance to roam city’s streets for months before he was arrested. Another element could be found in the situation that City’s Police Committee minutes and communication between the city on issue of criminal activities recently is tightened, unavailable and restricted to play significant role in downplaying problems which this community clearly has.

Moving forward with upcoming election and a change at the top, as Mayor Watts is not running again, City of Surrey will need to do more on transparency, data availability and will need to work with the RCMP, especially OIC Fordy to improve information flow. The top priority for the City and the RCMP must be concrete work on collaborative and expedient transfer of information from their sources to the public, which includes cooperation with Community Associations and through the social media.

To read complete Canada Parole Board document obtained by the media click here.

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