Canada pledges $800,000 to help Balkans floods recovery

tolisaCanadian government announced on Saturday that will donate $800,000 to aid recovery of Bosnia and Serbia following historic floods which happened in late May. Floods which hit territory of Bosnia and Serbia were the most severe floods in this region in over 120 years.

Beside causing enormous damage to homes, infrastructure, agriculture and industry Balkans floods took more than 20 lives and created more than 2000 landslides practically creating thousands of homelesses in mater of minutes. Another very significant effect left behind floods in Bosnia and Serbia was unexpected movement of land mines what created another level of danger to those who are returning to their homes or helping recovery.

Canada’s Minister of International Development and La Francophonie Christian Paradis issued on Sunday statement announcing this significant aid to Balkans. Earlier Canadian government donated initial aid of $30,000 which was transferred to Red Cross Canada to start Relief fund for Balkans.

paradis quote

Help from Canada comes in weeks when recover slowly starts and will continue form months and years to comes due to significant damages. Some evacuees are already back to their homes but overall situation in regions of Maglaj, Doboj, Bijeljina, Šamac, Željezno Polje in Bosnia and in Obrenovac and Šabac in Serbia are still pretty much grave and work continues around the clock. Major help so far came from Bosnian and Serbian diasporas and continues to comes, also international community lead by EU is reviewing damages and considers the best ways how to donate and invest with aim to ensure funds will be used to make impact on people lives.

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