Battleground Surrey: Suicide by Hepner Campaign – Done and over!

Linda Hepner glassesElection campaigns are the most stressful and most important moments in the life of any politician. Those few month every few years can elevate you to the next phase of your career or destroy you forever. Whatever is going in your life at that time you need particular profession, journalists, to enable you to reach your goal. Their work will give you either positive or absolutely negative picture in public and your chances will be that much better or worse on voting day. You might like or dislike them but there’s one rule: never lie on journalists. Especially don’t do it in today’s world of modern technology where every word, sound, picture or movie is preserved, protected and archived for the future. Or let me put it like this, as I usually say: Politicians are they’re own worst enemies and they often use boomerang to hit their own noses. Surrey mayoral candidate Linda Hepner and her campaign team did particularly that. It is a time to leave political scene!

Over the last few months, since Cllr. Barinder Rasode left Surrey First, Cllr. Linda Hepner is under microscope and people are interested to hear her word on all important issues. Unfortunately Cllr. Hepner decided that she’s not gonna speak with media, or when she speaks she’ll speak with selected ones and that is where we come to her latest political suicide episode. If my count is not wrong this is jubilant third, and 2nd involving name of my colleague Kevin Diakiw from Surrey Leader. As you probably remember Cllr. Hepner gave (under embargo) interview to Diakiw which was published night before her official mayoral run announcement and presentation of her Surrey First slate.

linda wheel

That interview exposed Cllr. Hepner as a politician who’s absolutely and very confidently detached from reality and needs of people whom she wants to lead over the next four years. That is famous Ferris wheel and beach interview. Now weeks later when her campaign figured out that public outrage is not going away they attacked Diakiw with the most stupidest excuse every invented in world of politics. Her campaign accused Diakiw that he broked agreement and released interview before agreed date and time. Unfortunately for them there’s audio of conversation between Linda Hepner and Kevin Diakiw, clear and very understandable audio of agreement when interview is to be released. Please listen.

Agreement was there, agreement was kept and delivered at the time when she said it will be released. I am witness of that because just few hours before Surrey First mega announcement at the Surrey SFU Campus I was sitting and digesting her quotes posted on Diakiw’s blog and on the Leader Facebook page.

With attack on Diakiw Hepner’s campaign attacked all journalists and journalistic profession. They did something what’s not honourable and far less human to someone who works in very challenging and often very hard environment.

To be honest to Cllr. Hepner she came later to Twitter and took all responsibility for this situation on herself, but only then when Diakiw released very audio of the agreement. Being general after the battle doesn’t help much.

journalismSince then Surrey or BC public haven’t heard anything from Cllr. Hepner what would prove that Diakiw’s interview was not a truth or that something was misquoted. What public heard is another failed promise which was given to Martin Rooney and LGBT population in Surrey regarding placement of the Pride flag at the Surrey City Hall “all the way up to the birds” as she said at the last Council meeting. Also Surrey First public stature didn’t improved as another crime was committed at the Grove in Newton where 14-year-old was attacked and beaten at the broad light at 6:30PM. When we summon all this we can see that at this moment nothing is working for Surrey First nor their popularity is going up. So how you fix your mistakes? Blame someone else!

My advice to Cllr. Hepner and her campaign is to learn something about modern technologies, social media and then to run campaign but sometimes next time. To run it as modern and well organized campaign in accordance to today’s technological and political standards. This time they’re done and over with it. When you can’t set your record straight in proper and civilized manner you need to give up and leave stage as soon as possible!

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