Battleground Surrey: McCallum is running for Mayor

mccallumFormer Mayor of Surrey Doug McCallum is coming back and will run this November for mayorship of Surrey once more. That would be his fourth run for the highest municipal position in the city. McCallum is coming back in the arena after almost a decade out of local politics following his loss to one of his former supporters current Mayor Dianne Watts. Former mayor is coming back with significant bagged and somehow controversial record at the helm of the City in late 1990’s and early 2000’s. 

Tonight McCallum’s team lauchend twitter account @mccallum4mayor and started website, which is more poster than website, According to that poster which contains his picture McCallum will run his campaign on three elements: more police on out streets, better control of city finances and improved transit service. Now it’s clear that announcement which is scheduled for tomorrow at the City Hall will be just formal start of his run. Also this comes in the day when regular Council meeting will be held at the City Hall.

McCallum is joining Councillor Linda Hepner and Vikram Bajwa who already announced their intention to run for Watts successor later this year, while independent Councillor Barinder Rasode is presumed candidate still holding on her announcement.

mccallum for mayor

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