Battleground Surrey: yahoo[.]sry oops City of Surrey (Update)

surrey website aug 2
City of Surrey election website on Aug 2, 2014

Just two weeks ago City of Surrey made crucial mistake when it comes to the election process which will mark this year in the world of municipal politics. Back then City opened sub site on their main website which is entirely devoted to upcoming elections and informations needed about it but there was a catch. Municipal administration decided to add specific section on that site where they were supposed to publish news, tweets and to cover all candidates for upcoming elections. Public outrage especially on social media went after the city asking numerous questions regarding who will serve as editor, which editorial standards will be used and how City will maintain neutrality in this case? Well looks like that City of Surrey listened public. 

If you visit same site today you will see that section “Latest News” which was featured at the front page is removed and that twitter feed which was placed there is also removed. City of Surrey updated site with some general historic informations regarding election process, roles on the City Council and informations about electoral legislation. Still there’s section where you can post questions to candidates for these elections via Twitter which could be seen as somehow unsuitable, but not that much as it was so-called “Latest News” section.

City of Surrey election website on July 15th
City of Surrey election website on July 15th, 2014

Removal of this section of the City of Surrey website is right move as City of Surrey does not have proper staff to perform editorial duties, to spend countless hours to track all news. Also significant amount of taxpayers money will be saved and put in proper use to serve citizens instead to perform duties of media which often can be judged as biased towards one or more candidates.

This is a decision on which City of Surrey should be congratulated and hopefully City Clerk and City Manager would never ever permit anything similar to happen.

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