Baroness Helić: First ever Bosnian born peer

helic jolie hagueHistory is made this week when Arminka Helić, Bosnian born, special adviser to former Foreign Affairs Minister of United Kingdom William J. Hague become first ever Bosnian born peer and Baroness based on recommendation from Prime Minister Cameron. Baroness Helić is one of seven females who were sent to the House of Lords out total 12 new peers. 

Baroness Helić is well known for her work on prevention of sexual violence in conflict which culminated with two major conferences recently held in Sarajevo and London hosted by Minister Hague and award winning actress, director and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. As per available information Baroness Helicć joined Conservative Party HQ right after her family left Balkans during the war in 1990’s.

house of lords uk

“Miss Helić still works for Mr Hague as Leader of the House of Commons and has agreed not to speak in the House of Lords or claim any allowances until she finishes working for Mr Hague who is stepping down at the next election”, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Her LinkedIn profile states that Baroness Helić education comes from London School of Economics and Political Science and that she works for Foreign Office since May of 2010. Previous media reports described her as very similar in political views with her boss Hague who is often portrayed as “pro-American”.

Baroness Helić is just one of many successful Bosnian emigrants in the world of politics. Beside her Bosnians have MP in Australia, several MP’s in numerous countries in Europe, and one Utah House Representative Anesa Kajtazović is running campaign for US Congress.

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