Battleground Surrey: Bob Bose supports Barinder Rasode for Mayor of Surrey

(Photo: The Now Newspaper)

(Photo: The Now Newspaper)

Former Mayor of Surrey and long-term Councillor Bob Bose who spent more than a quarter of a century in municipal government endorsed on Tuesday his former colleague Councillor Barinder Rasode for Mayor of Surrey, of course if she decides to run later this year. This is significant development when it comes to upcoming mayoral race in Surrey. Bose who once hoped that “dark horse” will emerge and put great fight for mayoral chair now backs Cllr. Rasode with whom he had a bit of a history in recent years and who practically sent him to political retirement on last elections. If Cllr. Rasode runs in November Bose endorsement will give a significant weight to her run and will bring great amount of votes. 

This comes a lot before official election campaign started and it is first endorsement to currently independent Cllr. Barinder Rasode who aims to being all sides of political spectrum together to support her run for Mayor of Surrey. In an interview with Georgia Straight Bose said that past is past and because there is no other viable option he will support Cllr. Rasode for the next Mayor of Surrey. 

“Her past history is of not much interest anymore, because you have to, at some point, decide that that’s done,” Bose told the Straight in a phone interview. “Let’s move on.”

Last time when Bose spoke on Surrey mayoral race he expressed very interesting view on Cllr. Rasode decision to leave now dismantled Surrey Civic Coalition and to run with Surrey First Coalition on elections of 2008. Back then Bose said that she burned a lot of bridges with Surrey Civic Coalition. On 2011 elections Bose was practically force to go in political retirement when Cllr. Rasode won last 8th place for Council delivering all nine votes in Council chambers to Surrey First Coalition which she left in April after numerous disagreements on policy side especially when it comes to public safety. 

Now Bose says that his support to Cllr. Rasode goes also because she said that she would implement ward system in Surrey. This idea was put once again on the table by former Mayor and Bose’s nemesis Doug McCallum, although Bose is not sure that McCallum is really committed to this idea. On the other side Surrey First mayoral candidate Linda Hepner promised that she would put this question to public on a referendum which would be held with 2018 municipal elections. It is not expected that ward system will play significant role in upcoming race, but it will have its share of space and time during all candidate and mayoral debates and will shape electoral support to one or more candidates. 


One thought on “Battleground Surrey: Bob Bose supports Barinder Rasode for Mayor of Surrey

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    Having the endorsement of former mayor Bob Bose is a major coup for Rasode. This election is about to get a lot more interesting. Bose’s family were Surrey pioneers, and his thumbs up carries a lot of weight with those who have been disillusioned by the city’s environment policies.

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