And so it begins.

Excellent piece by Laila Yuile on Surrey situation and elections. You must read it.

No Strings Attached: Laila Yuile on people, politics and life in B.C.

It was of no surprise to anyone in Surrey yesterday that Barinder Rasode finally announced that she is running for mayor. After months of meeting with residents from every community in the city, she had already been acknowledged as a contender and had already been targeted by her opponents Doug McCallum and Linda Hepner.

But what was a surprise was how fast Surrey First released this attack following her announcement.

I’ll be quite frank- and in no defense of Rasode, but simply to remark what I and others have witnessed – I was surprised that it took Rasode as long as it did to leave Surrey First. If you have attended city council meetings or watched them online, the writing was on the wall for quite some time that things were not ok. Attempts to ask questions shut down, over looked or outright ignored. Snippy behavior.

I’ve been very…

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