Battleground Surrey: Linda Hepner is ready to wait?! Surrey does not have time to wait!

For a second time in less than a year Surrey is faced with one of the most horrific criminal acts ever. First came horrific murder of innocent mother Julie Paskall, community at large waited for months on someone to take action and change something. Once that happened everyone was ensure that something similar would never ever happen. Unfortunately that hope was very limited and recently innocent child life was changed forever following kidnapping and sexual attack. As soon as community started healing process and started thinking about options how to fight this terrible situation new tragedy fall upon Surrey. Just days ago young life was taken from us, Serena Vermeersch was killed for no reason and local politicians are telling us to wait.

Linda Hepner, incumbent Councillor and Surrey First mayoral candidate, spoke on CKNW Radio station on Sunday and told to Surrey electorate, community at large and BC that she’s ready to wait on results of some study to be released. As per Hepner study is done by prof. Irwin Cohen, professor at the University of Fraser Valley, who’s hired by Mayor of Surrey Dianne Watts to be part of her task force on crime. Prof. Cohen is well known to Surrey public based on his statements to the media which are not making any sense after these three horrific incidents over last 10 months.

Surrey does not have time to wait!


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