Battleground Surrey: Why politicians should stay away from Newton on Sunday

RALLY 4 change proof-2On Sunday Surrey’s community will come together to speak up and to address all important issues related to the public safety following murder of Serena Veermersh. This is going to be third such event this year and this one as previous two would be arena in which public, residents of Newton and Surrey at large will have a chance to express their sincere opinions. Some are calling for politicians to be present there and to speak at the rally. Nothing could be worse than that. Here’s why.

Surrey politicians are those who are responsible for current situation and not only for that but for what happened in this city over the last few decades. There is none of the who can say that does not have at least a smallest piece of responsibility on their backs. Having politicians from last two municipal administrations in the public and even as potential speakers at the rally would be injury on insult to families of victims and community at large.

They, politicians, should stay away from Newton on Sunday and even further from local and all other media including social media. In case if some of them show up on Sunday at the rally in Newton’s Senior Center that should be in private capacity as citizens, non-speakers, listeners and learners to learn what are their mistakes and what they need to do to fix them. If some journalist or media crew approaches them only possible and reasonable answer should be “no comment, I’m here in private capacity”.

Let people speak, politicians are speaking all the time and results are poorer every single day as we hear more from them.


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