Elections 2014: Bosnia voters decided to keep country on current course

Bosnia and Herzegovina after the recently held general elections remains exactly where it was and where it is since the 2006 elections. It remains at the back of Europe, the black hole in which the rule than again corruption, crime, nepotism and political games that anyone will not bring anything good. The only changes that will occur are coming Ivanic and Covic, the Presidency and the announced departure of Lagumdžija as leader of the SDP. Winner for the Bosniak member of the Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic repeated what had not succeeded with any other candidate, and it’s re-election to this position. Only re-elected Bosniak Member of Presidency was Izetbegovic’s later father Alija Izetbegovic who left that position in 2000 due to poor health and advanced age.

Voters in Bosnia and Herzegovina have made ​​a decision and that decision is to remain where they were before. The European Union will remain an unfulfilled dream, and all planned and so far unimplemented reforms will remain a dead letter.

Bosnia and Herzegovina government following these elections will form almost the same parties that they were there before. The strongest Bosniak party at all levels will be SDA, Serbian national block will represent SNSD and the coalition gathered around him, while the Croatian national block reelected HDZBiH to leading position, although it is possible that HDZ1990 could become part of the government if they find suitable partners and get offer with acceptable conditions. The party that at the Federal and State level could be found in the coalition crossword is Komsic’s DF that has achieved remarkable results and literally pushed the SDP in the fourth position. In the current situation, this will be the mandate of another colorful coalition will have a hard job to agree on most things.

Izetbegovic celebrates victory and re-election to Bosnian Presidency

Izetbegovic celebrates victory and re-election to Bosnian Presidency

The second position in the Federation and perhaps at the state level from the Federation will hold Radoncic’s SBB. Radončić who hoped to win against Izetbegovic for the Presidency was once again rejected by the voters. Since this was a very dirty campaign between SDA and SBB is difficult to expect that the two parties could form a coalition, and even less can be expected to Radončić get into power and then be on ministerial function.

Dodik won another term on platform of secession and pro-Kremlin rhetoric

Dodik won another term on platform of secession and pro-Kremlin rhetoric

Republika Srpska has decided that they are very important to the forefront of this entity remains a man who likes to spend time in the tents and the glories of the singers and celebrating as a true “main guy”. RS thanks to the voters in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to go through the alleged secession, independence and pro-Kremlin political views. Voters in the smaller entity are missed their chance to elect a women to the Presidency for the first time in the history of Dayton Bosnia.

Nationalism, the rhetoric of hatred, intolerance, arguing about the small things and the struggle over positions / privileges will be the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately, Bosnia and Herzegovina will wait and than again on the pressure side, the aliens to launch the initiative, and after that will not happen anything good for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. But elections are the most important part of the democratic system, citizens gave their word, in this case a little more than half of the population, and it must be respected.


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