Battleground Surrey: First debate is coming, Mayoral face-off on October 23

(Photo: Flickr)
(Photo: Flickr)

Surrey mayoral candidates so far exchanged opinions and discussed their respective agendas through the media and social media, but it is that time of campaign when they will start coming together to discuss all important issues. Series of debates will give us much better insight in their respective ideas about Surrey and will open doors for new discussions. Also will give a community chance to ask questions and get answers without waiting or delays to be deiced if that is “suitable” or “unacceptable” question.

Up to this moment candidates and their respective teams delivered many opinions and ideas how to deal with major problem(s). Mostly talk was about crime and public safety but once when public goest faces to face with them questions regarding that issue and all others will emerge as the most important.

McCallum-Hepner-RasodeWhen it comes to public safety and crime all candidates, mostly three most seriously slated for mayorship, will need to go in detail how they plan to implement their strategies and how to pay for that. Especially is going to be interesting to see face-off between former Mayor McCallum and incumbent Councillors Barinder Rasode and Linda Hepner. While McCallum and Rasode said a lot and had a great interaction with media and public, Hepner stayed away and mostly avoided to speak unless that is in tightly controlled environment, debates will pose great podium for her to speak. Challenge for Hepner will be that there will be those who don’t agree with her ideas and who will have some though questions for her.

Hepner and Rasode who were and are part of current municipal government would be challenged to give answers on public transportation which is one of failed promises given by current Mayor Dianne Watts. Public would like to know what will happen, and when will happen, transportation expansion. Would they prefer LRT or skytrain system, how we can achieve better public transportation network for all Surrey citizens?

LightRailSo far nobody has spoken on the fact that over the next four years, during this upcoming term, Surrey will get another 40,000 residents with their respective needs and issues. That is one of the most important questions on Surrey’s road into the future, and who’s better to answer public on the future of the City than future Mayor of the City of Surrey.

First mayoral debate will happen on October 23 at SFU Surrey starting at 7:00 PM. First Councillor debate will happen four days later at the same venue at 6:00 PM. This year mayoral race has seven candidates while 36 candidates will fight their battle for 8 seats at the Council bench. Final verdict by Surrey voters will come on November 15, 2014.

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