Battleground Surrey: Council candidates to face-off for the first time

votingFollowing last week first mayoral all candidate meeting on which we heard their ideas for the future of the city, Council candidates will have chance to do a same and introduce themselves to the public. Downtown Surrey BIA gave a chance to candidates to express their views on Surrey and how they can help City of the next term if they are elected. Some of them not  all, there is total of 36 candidates for Surrey Council, answered questions but DTSBIA and pattern is already visible.

Candidates as their respective colleagues running for Mayor of Surrey see public safety, social issues, transportation, sustainable growth and effective development as key issues. Police officers, realtors, community activists, professionals are running for the city Council 8 seats which are presently occupied by Surrey First councilors and one independent.

Interesting element is that one slate and one mayoral candidates have not answered these questions nor show up at the mayoral debate and that is Vikram Bajwa and his team. Only one member of his team replied on DTSBIA questions, Bajwa himself did not and have not attended mayoral candidates meeting on Thursday.

city hallIt will be quite informative to see how these people who are asking for Surrey votes deal with all these questions and issues during the meeting and how will deal with some questions which will come from public at the SFU Surrey campus on Monday night.

All Council Candidates Meeting starts at 6:30 PM at SFU Surrey Campus (Westminster Savings lecture Theatre). and From Bosnia To Canada will have comprehensive coverage of this meeting as well as it had on mayoral candidate meeting last week. Coverage will become with live-tweeting and in hours following a meeting will continue with video footage of entire meeting.


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