Battleground Surrey: End of an era – Goodbye to Watts and Rasode

City of Surrey will have a chance to say final goodbye to outgoing long term Mayor Dianne Watts and Councillor Barinder Rasode who will not be part of local government in the next term. Monday meeting will be last meeting of this municipal government term and will mark end of an era for long-term Mayor Dianne Watts.

Monday meeting which will not have any exceptionally interesting items on agenda is a great opportunity for community and the rest of City Council to bid farewell to Mayor and Councillor. Mayor Watts will continue her political life through run in federal elections next year in effort to represent South Surrey – White Rock riding for Conservatives. Watts spent almost two decades on Surrey council and as Mayor of Surrey since 2005 and it is credited for Surrey’s development and move from suburban to urban vision. As part of her legacy Surrey today has revamped Central City zone in which under her leadership were added Central City Library and new City Hall. Third unfinished project out of three in the zone in 3 Central Plaza business-residential development which will be completed late next year.

watts-rasodeCouncillor Barinder Rasode, once member of Watts’s Surrey First Coalition, last part of the term was sitting as independent following breakup with her former colleagues and disagreements on crime, public safety and other important Surrey issues. During last elections campaign Rasode run for Mayor of Surrey and ended up distant third behind Mayor-elect Linda Hepner and former Mayor Doug McCallum. Her intentions regarding staying in world of politics are not yet entirely finalized but as she stated on election night she will remain active in community as it was before she entered world of politics. One of her promises following election loss was that One Surrey coalition under which banner she run for Mayor will remain active in years to come.

City of Surrey Council over the next four years will remain in hands of Surrey First coalition and it will be lead by Mayor-elect Linda Hepner. Mayor-elect Hepner steps up to the top position at the City of Surrey following more than two decades of service to residents as staff member and three terms as City Councillor.

Inaugural meeting of new Council which will run Surrey until 2018 will be held on December 8th. Three new Councillors Vera LeFranc, Dave Woods and Mike Starchuk will join reelected Councillors Judy Villeneuve, Barb Steele, Mary Martin and Tom Gill. First meeting of the City Council for term 2014-2018 will be held on December 18th at the new City Hall Council Chambers.

Agenda for the last Council meeting in 2011-2014 term you can read or download here.

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