Battleground Surrey: Holy Scripture Fraser Institute and Tax Rates

Over the next five years Surrey residents will need to learn to live and grow their families in accordance with new tax rates and a new Council. Council which cares more about Museum expansion than about residents concerns regarding increased taxes, RCMP members who are making fun of residents with medical conditions. Also they will need to learn to accept that there is only one truth and that is one coming from the bench and the Fraser Institute.

According to City of Surrey residents here pay lowest taxes in the Metro Vancouver area. Based on their claims even with newly introduced and green lighted levies, taxes and residents portion in financing frame for the next five years will remain a same. But some residents are not that keen to take their claims for granted, and several of them mostly Linda Stromberg questioned it, but Mayor of Surrey Linda Hepner came to save situation.

city hall

Mayor Hepner in closing statement asked staff to explain her why residents are questioning tax rates and Surrey place among Metro Vancouver municipalities. Mayor’s question came with exclamation and wondering why residents are questioning when Fraser Institute said that taxes are lowest. Staff replied that other municipalities and organizations are using different models to calculate differences in tax rates in Metro Vancouver region. But also added that if any of municipalities which are close in ranks with Surrey decide to change Surrey might finish on 2nd place of list lowest ranked cities. That will be determined once other municipalities adopt their budgets for next five years. Nonetheless Surrey residents should not listen staff or look into other municipalities at least if they will listen person whom they elected to be a Mayor.

In the next four years residents of Surrey should not use their brains and look for different explanations for City policies and should just read what comes from almighty Fraser Institute and bench in City Hall Chambers. Nobody has any knowledge in methodology and taxation except Fraser Institute, so it might becomes mandatory for Surrey residents to read their analysis and just bless all decision made by elected officials.

Tarlochan Sandhu, 63 year-old-resident of Surrey, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease expressed his wish to see more educated RCMP officers following his ordeal last year. As it was already reported in media Mr. Sandhu suffered attack while driving, was stopped by RCMP members, accused of DUI and mocked following discovery that suffers from Parkinson’s.

While Council didn’t discussed this very terrible accident, except one sentence apology from the chair of Finance Committee Tom Gill, this issue deserves more attention. Instead of issuing apology Council should call for a full investigation and disciplinary actions against these members of RCMP. Taxes will rise and residents will pay for services and those are not services for which they paid.

This is not a first time that RCMP members in Surrey are acting out of their area of responsibility. Earlier this year there was a case involving one of prominent RCMP member warning local blogger and commentator to watch where points finger. Then as it happened in this latest case OIC of Surrey Detachment Bill Fordy was and is silent and avoids taking action against those who do not represent force in proper manor.

(Photo: Flickr)
(Photo: Flickr)

Councillors have not expressed a wish to speak on this issue, apparently earlier in the meeting they used their energy to ask several questions regarding City Museum expansion. Museum expansion is very important issue for our cultural and social life, but it can’t be graded as more important than RCMP mockery or treatment of people who just want to know what they are getting back for their money.

Additional element of RCMP story is related to claim that by the end of next year, probably in October, Surrey will get more than a 100 police officers from Alberta depot. Those are just wishes of current administration and promises which will be hardly implemented.

Reasons for this are hidden in simple fact that depot is not producing enough police officers and despite Surrey’s status of largest detachment in country Surrey will not get largest portion of police officers educated this year. Elements which will influence how many officers Surrey will get will be influenced by need elsewhere for police officers and priority to fill ranks in more needed communities.

Concerning element at the start of this term for Surrey residents should be insincerity, lack of transparency and unwillingness on the City side to engage in substantive debate in Council chambers on all important issues. Residents are not innocent as they might appear at the moment because not many of the attended Council meeting on Monday and haven’t asked hard questions those who got their support on November elections.

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