Battleground Surrey: Council is back, first meeting in 2015

City of Surrey Council is coming back to work following New Year and holidays break. Last Council meeting in 2014 was marked by approval of new city budget for period 2014-2018, which was surprise to many residents and already caused problems to numerous families. Also it comes in times when Mayor and Council will need to answer many questions related to their elections promises and to deal with current situation in the city.

city hallNothing major or extra special will find its place on meeting agenda as this Council will continue previously established practice of cruise controlled meetings. Only distinction between this meeting and previous ones is that Council will go through 40 or so first, second and third readings on bylaws, which was not previous practice nor seen on recent meetings.

If you want to know more details about agenda of City of Surrey Council meeting for Monday, January 12th, go here.

Also you can follow me on Twitter @esmirmilavic or @surrey604 for live-tweets and updates from Cpuncil Chambers starting at 7PM once Public Hearin portion of the meeting starts.

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