Battleground Surrey: Regular Council Meeting

City of Surrey Council will finally held a meeting following unusually long break at the start of the year. While Council in general was at the break, public was interested in two particular stories related to a City Councilor and upcoming transportation referendum. More on these two stories you can read here at wpid-Photo-20150129205822037.jpg

Council should also hear about the referendum during Council-in-Committee portion of the meeting through a presentation from Michael Buda, interim executive direction Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation. CIC Agenda can be found here.

Public Hearing Portion of The Meeting beside presentations from delegations will also present Surrey residents and the public on updates regarding several interesting projects in the City. Following Corporate Reports will find their place on Council agenda on Public Hearing Portion of the Meeting: Sustainability Charter Update (R026), Innovation Boulevard Update (R027), Renewal of Cloverdale Business Improvement Area (R028), Surrey Organic Waste Biofuel Processing Facility – Update on the Completion of the Procurement Process (R035), and last but not the least important it will be By-law Enforcement Activities Report for 4th Quarter of 2014 (R036).

For live-tweets and updates during Council meeting you can either follow me @EsmirMilavic or @Sry604.

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