Bosnian Council of Ministers is finally formed

In a surprise move, just three months after elections, in a stark difference with previous time Bosnian political leaders achieved a coalition agreement and distributed seats in federal Council of Ministers. This is second to last step left to be done in implementation of election results at the federal governmental level. Remaining step is to select party representatives whom will become ministers and to get Parliament to vote on those names. Formation of Council of Ministers comes just 24 hrs prior to Federica Mogherini, EU foreign minister, to Sarajevo in effort to speed up process which will open EU doors to Bosnia.



According to a deal achieved on Sunday in Sarajevo main Bosniak party, also winner of November elections, will get two ministerial position in addition to a position of the President of Council which is equivalent to the position of Prime Minister. Party of Democratic Action (SDA) will reign over Ministries of Civil Affairs and the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. Democratic Front, social democratic partner of SDA, will get one seat, their responsibility over the next four years will be placed at the Ministry of communications and transport.

Pact for Changes (Serbs political parties coalition – Party of Democratic Progress National Democratic Movement and Serbian Democratic Party) in this Council of Ministers will get Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Security (Interior).

Third party in this coalition, HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), will satisfy their political appetite with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice.

Addressing a media at the press conference at the Presidency of Bosnia all political leaders expressed a hope that this agreement should be first step in moving Bosnia forward.

Bakir-Izetbegovic-pregovori“SDA will have to get instruments that will allow us to perform what we promised in the election campaign. The Ministry of Refugees is also important for us”, said SDA leader and Bosniak Presidency member Bakir Izetbegović.

His partner from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina political side, DF leader Željko Komšić pointed out that his political party got least number of seats, but downplayed importance of number of hands around the Council table.

Zeljko Komsic“It is more important that the BiH got Council of Ministers and chair is not worth the play with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in our opinion. We should not be selfish, should look elsewhere. I understand that the patterns of political action in BiH that is important when someone won, when lost, the focus of attention DF is not the number of chairs, but BiH and everything that it is undergoing”, said Komšić.

Following agreement on federal government leaders of SDA Izetbegović, DF Komšić and HDZ Čović continued negotiations on formation of Federation of BiH, smaller Bosnian entity government. Deadlock in Federation of BiH is caused by HDZ wish to have six seats including one which belongs to Serbs same seat was eyed by DF.


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