Shootings and referendum…

Surrey RCMP reported on Wednesday fourth shooting in just 24 hours, all four connected and happened in one of the most mentioned areas in the city – Newton. Community spent countless hours, days and months warning that substantial and concrete action should be taken in effort to change overall crime situation in Surrey, but during a last elections campaign municipal politicians told voters that Surrey doesn’t have crime problems.

Crime-SceneWhile residents are looking over their shoulders during their walk to school to pick up their children or to get necessities for everyday life or in Wednesday’s car driving through their communities during midday or rush hour municipal administration is concentrated on upcoming transportation referendum.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, not yet clear how much anywhere between $200,000 and $300,000 taxpayers dollars, would be spent on advertisements and consulting, residents were told that they need to pay extra taxes this year to pay for police and fire officers benefits and paychecks.


It is worth of mention that transportation referendum and exchange of opinions regarding needs and wishes is a very important it can’t replace importance of caring for residents lives.

Community still doesn’t have viable information on number of police officers which were supposed to be added to Surrey RCMP force. Council is on another month long break, without any hopes that crucial themes would find it’s place on one of upcoming meetings.

It seems that Surrey moved into a new year and thet it has new Council and Mayor but nothing is changed since ends of 2012, 2013 or 2014 when major issues were shootings, murders, public safety and residents lives in danger.

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