Surrey’s inability to fight crime is appalling

Crime-SceneSURREY/SARAJEVO – Surrey has probably one of the worst crime stats and periods in Canada, with great potential to become permanent crime capital of Canada. Current city administration has managed to made no significant nor real effort to tackle problem in front of them. Their inability to comprehensively deal with it made complete situation much worse than it was suppose to be. Empty promises and invested time in wrong actions proved them absolutely unworthy of support which they received on elections in 2014.

Crime statistics for a second quarter of this year have proved that all what was said and promised by Mayor Linda Hepner and OIC Bill Fordy was wrong and unsupported by facts. As it was said here before Surrey has not a time, nor it had in the past, to wait on all levels of government to made arrangements to fight a crime in the City.

Surrey’s violent crimes are on the rise in Q2/2015, recorded hike is for 36 per cent higher. While homicides are 14 per cent down, sexual assaults, robberies and spousal attacks are on the rise. Rise also happened on abduction and kidnapping files.

Mayor Hepner had said in the past that studies conducted by scientists would help her administration to fight crime, and promised so many police officers to be delivered as soon as possible to the RCMP force in Surrey.


Many warned already that RCMP training facility would not be able to sent hundred or so police officers in Surrey, due to needs to fill up ranks in other regions and cities. Steven Blaney, Public Safety Minister, recently tried to explain how many officers are delivered so far but as usual he failed. Minister Blaney and Mayor Hepner successfully confused people in the City trying to show their “work” on delivery, while neither knows how many will or would be delivered especially in the election year.

steven-blaney“I am pleased to confirm that since the beginning of the fiscal year there is more, 33 more officers that have been located in Surrey. We committed to 100 additional more officers. Seven are already here and more than a dozen are on their way. Seven more officer, sorry, six additional are being added. More than a dozen is on the way. And this is part of the commitment of 100 additional officers that would be committed. So there is 33 plus 100 more additional officers that are coming down in Surrey. Of this 100 officers there is six already on the ground plus a dozen coming. They are coming as soon as they are graduated from depot”, minister Blaney has said in Surrey recently.

Hepner on the other side said that she will have 21 officers in four to six weeks and adding that public can trust her numbers. Whenever she said that public can trust her, failure had happened. She promised that there will not be any new taxes and they came, that transportation referendum will end up in favor of Surrey LRT and other project and failure had come, longtime ago she promised that crime situation will improve and failure had come as a result of her words and promises.

Let’s now add there Stephen Blaney and his promises, which he can’t even utter in properly formulated sentences.

Surrey residents, especially those in Newton and the Whalley, should embrace themselves for a long and hard times ahead. Security and stability for them was and it will be a hard reachable dream.

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