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My take on Lord Ashdown and Bosnia and Herzegovina [video]

Radical Islamist Choudary and his support to terrorists

Anjem Choudary
Anjem Choudary

According to media reports in Britain radical Islamist Anjem Choudary once again spoke out in support to London terrorists, this time supporting Drummer Lee Rigby killers. This well known radical is one of the most outrages persons I ever heard off since Bin Laden’s hoards of terrorists attacked New York in 2001. Following murder of innocent British soldier, father, son and brother Lee Rigby, shameless Choudary once again, this time on BBC Newsnight program, delivered unbelievable statement in which he claimed that majority of Muslim population would support what Mr. Rigby killer said on the video just moments after he committed this horrible crime. He claimed that he was shocked but refuses to abhor Woolwich attack. Continue reading “Radical Islamist Choudary and his support to terrorists”

While Europe is sinking, Soros warns of new dangers

SURREY – European Union recently looks more like Berlin-Paris axis dictatorship rather to be union of equal members of the same club. Hostility which is deployed by Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy towards other nations and their leaders is outstanding and doesn’t shows unity of the institution much needed for salvation of the biggest crisis ever. These two who meet either in Berlin or Paris every single week are acting as saviors but none of their measurements didn’t gave any visible results, didn’t move EU closer to salvation and so far they’re pushing three countries down the drain. Some expert and investors are expecting this course mainly set by German leader will certainly drove EU into the bigger crisis even considered much dangerous and globally destructive than it was in 1929.   Continue reading “While Europe is sinking, Soros warns of new dangers”

First Euro crisis now diplomatic crisis – 12 EU members against Catherine Ashton

SURREY – While on a one side EU leaders are trying to contain damages caused by global economic crisis and to fix numerous problems regarding euro zone facing itself with possible dissolution and global crush problems are continuing to pile up. According to reports filed by The Daily Telegraph journalists in Brussels 12 EU member states including Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden are extremely unsatisfied with EEAS (European External Action Service). As it is known EEAS is EU joint diplomatic services lead by British Baroness Catherine Ashton as EU Foreign Affair Minister. This is not a the first time that EU member states are unsatisfied with Ashton’s performance as Foreign Minister, but timing of this letter is significant because it comes in a days before EEAS second anniversary. EEAS is also formal diplomatic representation of EU positions and policies at the 130 delegations and embassies all over the world. Continue reading “First Euro crisis now diplomatic crisis – 12 EU members against Catherine Ashton”

Another European failure in Bosnia

Once more in last few years since she become European foreign minister and head of European diplomatic service lady Catherine Ashton proved she a wrong person on wrong place in wrong times. Bosnia and Herzegovina is six months without functional executive and legislative power since three major political and ethnic blocks fail to meat and agreement on coalition government. This failure was caused by short sided politicians who only care about their positions and positions of their closest aides without thinking about people and their needs, as it was in the past in numerous occasions.

Continue reading “Another European failure in Bosnia”

UK schools reported 29 thousands racist incidents

British government reported in last few years more than 29 thousands schools kids as racists. According to latest news from UK the figures for 2008-09 obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, indicate that in 29.659 situations schools reported as racist incidents in England and Wales. Some of these incidents were also described as homophobic.

Continue reading “UK schools reported 29 thousands racist incidents”

Serbia gambling with EU membership

Serbian FM Vuk Jeremic and GS UN Ban Ki-Moon
Serbian FM Vuk Jeremic and GS UN Ban Ki-Moon

Serbia filled a resolution to the UN without previously promised consultations with the biggest world powers, and entered to a new very risky phase and is also gambling with its candidacy for the EU membership. Pressure from EU and five biggest powers in UN Security Council resulted in request to official Belgrade to withdraw its resolution followed by warning that Serbia cannot expect European integration should it continue acting in this manner.

Serbian media are reporting that is not secret that Germany and the Great Britain conditioned debating over Serbia’s candidate status for the EU membership as early as this spring with Serbia’s behaviour towards Kosovo and at the UN. British highest representative in Serbia, Ambassador Steven Wordsworth, presented official stand of Foreign Office in an interview to the BBC saying that the text of Serbia’s resolution in unacceptable and that EU is surprised at Serbia’s move. He also called Belgrade to return to consultations with EU over the text of the resolution explaining that consultations began week ago. According to sources in Prishtina Kosovo government is also preparing its resolution to the UN, and Serbia’s move was intended to be first country that will present its resolution so in afterwards procedure Kosovo’s resolution would become just dead word on the paper. EU Foreign Affair Commissioner, Baroness Ashton, works on EU resolution which recognises ICJ’s advisory and nonbinding opinion and calls both sides on constructive and productive negotiations over future relations between neighbouring countries.

British Ambassador explained that Serbian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday called representatives of Quinta countries (GB, US, Italy, France and Germany) asking for their comments on proposed resolution.

“That is why we have been surprised at the information we received later that day that Serbia had already filed to the UN the draft of its resolution without previous information being sent to the EU officials of the Quinta”, said Mr. Wordsworth.

Blic Newspapers learned unofficially that the representatives of Quinta were forces to write down the resolution by themselves since they don’t received any official document from Serbian FM. Basically resolution draft was dictated to the Quinta representatives, diplomatic circles described this move as ‘insulting’ and failing to act as it was agreed previously caused ‘loss of trust’ towards Serbian officials.

“If Serbia does not return to consultations with the EU over the resolution, it is very likely that 22 countries or possibly all 27 EU members shall file their own text of the resolution to the UN”, said anonymous diplomatic official to the Blic.

U.S. who strongly supports Kosovo’s independence released official statement regretting Serbia’s submission of the resolution to the UN.

“We regret that Serbia failed to take part in serious consultations before it had submitted its own resolution because a consensus could have been reached about a text which might be supported by all parties concerned”, said in the statement.

Two respected experts Vladimir Todoric, editor of the “Serbian Legal Review”, and former Serbian Ambassador to France, Predrag Simic are convinced that this move will caused many problems to the Serbian state and further international relations.

“It shall be very difficult for the Serbian resolution to secure majority at the UN General Assembly without the EU support. This act is a confrontation with the powers of the West. I think there is still room for agreement with the EU over the resolution”, said Mr. Todoric.

In current issue of The Economist presented well-articulated article on ICJ’s nonbinding rule. The Economist recognizes several reason why certain countries doesn’t recognized Kosovo as an impendent state including such as Russia, China, India and Spain. More facts you can read in following chart.

Source: The Economist
Source: The Economist

Ganic is free – Judge: Serbia abused British system!

Ejup Ganic
Ejup Ganic

Westminster’s Court of Extradition refused today Serbia’s request to extradition of former member of Bosnian Presidency, Prof. Ejup Ganic. Prof. Ganic was arrested on Heathrow Airport in March this year upon Serbian arrest warrant on accusations of war crimes against soldiers and officers of Yugoslavian People Army in Dobrovoljacka Street in May 1992.

London Court Judge Timothy Workman said that Serbian prosecution abused British judicial system and that whole process against Prof. Ganic was politically motivated.

“They did not present any new evidence that could be deemed credible. This process was initiated for political reasons”, said Judge Workman.

According to information’s released by Prof. Ganic’s family and friends is expected that he would return to Sarajevo tomorrow after he receives all necessity documents from British Internal Affair Ministry.

“This is another truth about Bosnia. Of course, we defended Bosnia and we are proud of what we heard here in the closing days of the judge scores. We won and this will have a major role in future consolidation of the international position of Bosnia and development of relations with our neighbours”, said Prof. Ganic to BBC in London.

Bosnian and Croat members of Bosnian Presidency, Haris Silajdzic and Zeljko Komsic, welcomed Court decision describing this as a “justice victory”.

Spokesperson for Serbian Special War Crime Prosecution, Bruno Vekaric, said today that Prosecution is preparing appeal on higher Court in London in effort to dissolve Judge Workman decision.

Blair’s government “massaged” Saddam’s WMD threats

Carne Ross
Carne Ross, photo: NYTimes

Former UK diplomat to the UN and that-time responsible person for Iraq claims that Blair’s government “massaged” assessment of Saddam’s WMD. Carne Ross said on the Chilcot inquiry that intelligence was intentionally and substantially exaggerated assessment of Saddam Hussein’s weapon of mass destruction culminating highly misleading Statements about the threat that amounted to lies.

Mr. Ross testified on Chilcot inquiry, which was appointed by former PM Gordon Brown to identify lessons that could be learned from Iraqi conflict. Since last July this Inquiry questioned several high ranking British officials including both Labour PM’s Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Mr. Ross claims that real government assessment was more or less opposite to what was presented to the public. In that moment Downing Street has information’s which shows up sanctions towards Iraqi regime effective in prevention from developing nuclear capabilities.

“This process of exaggeration was gradual and proceeded by accretion and editing from document to document, in a way that allowed those participating to convince themselves that they were not engaged in blatant dishonesty. But this process led to highly misleading statements about the UK assessment of the Iraqi threat that were, in their totality, lies”, said Mr. Ross.

Blair’s team presented Labour MP’s in March 2002 with document that includes claims who are saying that if Iraqi nuclear program remains unchecked there is possibility for development of crude nuclear device in next five years. Mr. Ross said that this statement to PLP was purely hypothetical.

“There was no evidence at either point that Iraq was obtaining necessary material”, said Mr. Ross adding that situation was a same in 1991 and 2002.

He also expresses his disgrace with Britain’s unwillingness to exhaust all peaceful alternatives before going to war.

“There was no deliberate discussion of available alternatives to military action in advance of the 2003 invasion. There is no record of that discussion, no official has referred to it, no minister has talked about it, and that seems to me to be a very egregious absence in this history – that at some point a government before going to war should stop and ask itself, ‘are there available alternatives?”, said Mr. Ross.

Beside this FO asked him to redact information relating to a proposal to seize illegal bank accounts of Saddam Hussein opened in several Jordanian banks.

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