Harper: Wright resigned, no he was fired?!

HarperSenate Gate as I like to call it is one of the most interesting, mind blowing but also complex issues in Canadian politics in last six or seven years. Stephen Harper, Conservatives, Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau, Wright, Mulcair and Trudeau should be nominated and awarded Oscar for the best political drama mini-series/series. Over the last year we saw so many twists, turns and total reversal of situations, facts and actions that even better knowledge of Canadian politics than mine are absolutely lost. Continue reading


Kosovo, Ignatieff and Canada

Enver Hoxhaj (Photo: Flickr)

Two years ago Michael Ignatieff was written off by Canadian voters after Stephen Harper Conservatives branded him as a “just visiting” dilettante. Not long after that Ignatieff resigned Liberal Party leadership and left a world of politics to return to his old passion of academia where he successfully operated for several decades. Since then Canadian public didn’t heard much from Prof. Ignatieff, but his international stature brought him praise from Kosovo’s Foreign Affair Minister Enver Hoxhaj during recent visit to Ottawa and meeting with John Baird one of Ignatieff biggest political foes ever.  Continue reading

Cabinet shuffle with generational transition and new faces

harperPrime Minister Stephen Harper decided to start this week with a major Cabinet shuffle, biggest since he become PM in 2006, bringing eight new faces to the table. Reshuffled cabinet will have largest number of women ever, 12 in total, which shows that Harper wants to paint different picture about his team in the remaining two years of this term. While key players Clement, Flaherty, Baird and the House Leader Van Loan will remain in their position Harper promoted several ministers to show where his government will go in the future. This shuffle is branded as generational transition which brings in several new members, younger politicians, those who should lead party and the government in the next term.  Continue reading

Harper in bad situation, Opposition is playing games

HarperOver the last few weeks PM Harper and his government are caught in one of the biggest scandal seasons over the last decade or so. They succeed in creating such amazing number of scandals, some of them tightly related, some totally unrelated, but after all extremly damaging. The biggest is so called “Duffy Gate” or Wright/Duffy affair which is still going on very strong and according to latest media reports it will stay strong for a while. Continue reading

Harper government had to know $90,000 payment to senator crossed all sorts of ethical red lines

Excellent column by Andrew Coyne on Duffy Scandal and PMO


Section 17 (1) of the Senate Conflict of Interest code states: “Neither a Senator, nor a family member, shall accept … any gift or other benefit, except compensation authorized by law, that could reasonably be considered to relate to the Senator’s position.”

Section 16 (1) of the Parliament of Canada Act states that “no member of the Senate shall receive or agree to receive any compensation, directly or indirectly, for services rendered … in relation to any bill, proceeding, contract, claim, controversy, charge, accusation, arrest or other matter before the Senate or the House of Commons or a committee of either House. Moreover, Section 16 (3) makes “every person who gives, offers or promises to any member of the Senate” such compensation liable to imprisonment for up to one year.

Section 121 (1) of the Criminal Code states that anyone who “gives, offers or agrees to give or offer” to…

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Clark brushes off Falcon comments, Bose is speculating on Falcon future

Premier ClarkLate last night BC public learned through The Globe and Mail article, authored by Justine Hunter, apparently BC government and Premier Clark overstepped financial boundaries for proposed  Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) project in Prince George. Details regarding this new chapter in this controversy which includes Premier Clark and two of her powerful ministers Bell and Bond were provided by former Finance Minister and outgoing MLA, Kevin Falcon. Continue reading